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Waiters And Waitresses Jobs In Canada

Company: Turquaz Kebab House

Employment Type: Full Time

Job Location: Alberta, Canada

Job Type: Sales and Hospitality

Required Educational Qualification: High School Diploma.



Job Summary

Turquaz Kebab House, a dining restaurant in Alberta, Canada along with other respected establishment is currently inviting applications for a full time worker as their Waiter or Waitress.


Applicants are required to have a minimum of high school diploma and must have acquire enough training to be able to function effectively in the position. Before an applicant will be fully considered for the position, he/she must prove beyond reasonable doubt to have the required capabilities and experience to succeed in the position.

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Applicants would be required to provide evidence of having the required working experience as a waiter or waitress and must be physically fit. He/she would also be required to be able to work effectively as part of a team, have good memory, excellent communication skills, exceptional customer service skills, and demonstrate a friendly and positive attitude.

Successful applicants would be required to handle some of the following; taking guests order for food and drinks, on time fulfilling of guests orders, relaying of guests order to the kitchen staff, proper organization and cleanliness of the work area and strict compliance to established organization protocols and guidelines

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Remuneration packages and other benefits varies depending on the applicant qualification, hours worked, company, and others. Although, a waiter or waitress is expected to earn between $37,200 – 47,000 per year.

Turquaz Kebab House is committed to giving equal opportunity to all applicants so application is welcome from all race and nationality, gender, religion and others.


All qualified applicants are implored to apply for the job openings without regards to nationality and they would be given equal opportunity.


How To Apply 

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