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Vehicles Motorcycle Insurance Cover

Vehicles Motorcycle Insurance CoverBefore buying motorcycle insurance, you might wonder what vehicles your motorcycle insurance covers. Some people who need another type of insurance may buy motorcycle insurance instead. Hence, keep reading to learn more about the vehicles your motorcycle insurance will cover to avoid such additional expenses.

Vehicles Motorcycle Insurance Cover


Any internal-combustion vehicle with two wheels (or three if mounted with a sidecar) that appears like a bicycle receives coverage. A motorcycle is usually larger and heavier and often has two saddles.

Motorcycle insurance covers a variety of vehicles in addition to motorcycles. Some jurisdictions require insurance for you to drive these vehicles below legally. Therefore, check your local legislation and consider coverage to protect your vehicle, whether or not it’s required.

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Scooters and mopeds

Mopeds and scooters are similar to motorcycles in terms of performance and usage. Some states need you to insure them as motorcycles for you to operate them legally.

Most states require moped and scooter owners to carry some form of bodily injury and property damage liability insurance. Moped and scooter drivers frequently have access to the same optional motorcycle coverages that motorcycle drivers have. Medical costs, uninsured/underinsured motorists, collision, and comprehensive coverage are all options for moped and scooter drivers.

Trikes and motorcycles with sidecars

Three-wheeled motorcycles, often known as trikes, frequently get coverage from motorcycle insurance. This is because they are similar to regular motorcycles with a third wheel. Basic motorcycle insurance covers motorcycles with sidecars. Trike owners can obtain the same insurance as motorcycle owners.

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All-Terrain Vehicles

All-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, typically get motorcycle insurance policy coverage. Unlike scooters and trikes, ATVs must not have insurance; therefore, many owners prefer not to get it. 

However, most state-run parks that accept ATVs need insurance. You should purchase it if your ATV is damaged or a rider sustains an injury.

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