Various Transportation In Ghana

Ghana has a variety of transportation alternatives for moving about the country. These are few out of the mode of transportation:


The tro tros

Tro tros are privately owned minivans that seat 16 to 24 people and are designed to accommodate as much luggage as people. Tro tros are unpleasant and slightly risky, but they provide a fascinating adventure, thus they are only suggested for short travels.




Taxis are perhaps the most effective way to travel in cities, and they are everywhere. Some taxis are metered and registered, while others are not, and costs must be negotiated.




Buses in Ghana are generally comfortable, swift, and safe, however, tickets range from GHS14 (US$6) to GHS24 (US$10.50), depending on the type of bus. Expats and travellers should be aware that buses in Ghana impose an additional price for bags.


Air Travel

Flying between major cities is the fastest way to travel. The biggest domestic airlines in Ghana include Citylink, Starbow, and Africa World Airlines, all of which have offices in Accra. Domestic flights are not very popular because they are relatively expensive, and are thus rarely full, so you may be able to buy your flight at the airport.



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