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UTD Tuition 2023| Cost of Attending the University


Is UTD Tuition affordable? We get to know more about their fees, and financial aid options like grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study in this article.UTD Tuition Tuition and Fees

Your tuition is determined by a number of factors, such as the number of credit hours you are enrolled in and program-specific fees. The cost of living varies from student to student depending on things like personal spending habits and living arrangements preferences.


Two alternative tuition options are available at UT Dallas. The traditional method, which only fixes tuition rates for one academic year at a time, is the basis for the variable tuition rate plan. Each academic year, the rates for the variable tuition plan could fluctuate.


With the guaranteed tuition plan, tuition rates are fixed for four years in a row, shielding students from price rises during that time. This program is intended to help families and students create budgets and plans for paying for college.

All new incoming students will be put into the variable tuition rate plan automatically, but they will have the choice to lock in their tuition rates with the guaranteed tuition plan for four years in a row.

The deadline to select their tuition plan for newly admitted students for the spring of 2023 is January 4, 2023.

UTD Tuition Student Budget

New Incoming Student for the Academic Year: 2023 – 2023 Guaranteed Tuition Plan Variable Tuition Rate Description of Calculation:
Based on 120 hour degree plan for an undergraduate resident student taking 15hrs for 8 semesters (fall and spring sessions)
Semester 1 $8,206 $7,282 Variable rate for fall 2023 only
Semester 2 $8,206 $7,500 Variable rate could increase for spring 2023
Semester 3 $8,206 $7,725 Assuming an estimated 3.0% increase in the Variable Tuition Rate
Semester 4 $8,206 $7,725
Semester 5 $8,206 $7,957 Assuming an estimated 3.0% increase in the Variable Tuition Rate
Semester 6 $8,206 $7,957
Semester 7 $8,206 $8,196 Assuming an estimated 3.0% increase in the Variable Tuition Rate
Semester 8 $8,206 $8,196
TOTAL SUM $65,648 $62,537
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UTD Tuition Financial Aid

For eligible students, UT Dallas provides financial aid, along with a range of other resources that help families afford higher education. Undergraduate students at UT Dallas are awarded financial aid based on need or merit in close to 70% of cases.


You are asking the Office of Financial Aid for assistance in paying for your educational costs when you submit a financial aid application.

Unlike student loans, which must be repaid with interest, and work-study programs, which demand employment, other kinds of funding do not require repayment.

There are separate application procedures for exemptions, waivers, and veterans benefits from the standard financial assistance application procedure. Detailed descriptions of the various aid programs are provided below.



UTD Tuition Scholarship

Scholarships for freshmen are given out by UT Dallas depending on academic achievement and financial need. Students must adhere to the deadlines for admission and financial aid to receive the most attention.

Some of our most academically gifted first-year freshmen get financial prizes through merit scholarships. These competitive prizes are determined by a number of criteria, such as past academic success and potential for academic success at the University.

Every year, prospective students at UT Dallas get scholarships worth millions of dollars. While many prizes require an application and are distributed through multiple sources, some are given automatically.

UTD Tuition Grant

Grants are typically awarded based on your expected family contribution (EFC), which is calculated using the information on your financial aid application, and your financial need.

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It is calculated by deducting your EFC from your estimated cost of attendance at The University of Texas at Dallas. Grants do not need to be repaid.

UTD Tuition Loan

Student loans are a type of financial help that you, and maybe your parents, borrow and then have to repay with interest.

While some student loans require you to show financial need, which is calculated by deducting your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) from your anticipated cost of attendance at UT Dallas, other student loans do not.

Student loans fall into three main categories: federal loans, state loans, and private loans.

UTD Tuition Work Study

Work-study is a type of financial aid that enables you to work for the money provided to you by the Office of Financial Aid, typically in on-campus employment.

You must show financial need in order to be eligible for work-study, which is calculated by deducting your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) from your anticipated UT Dallas tuition costs.

The program promotes work relating to your field of study and community involvement.

Does UTD Offer Free Tuition?

A combination of Comet Promise money, scholarships, grants, and other tuition exemption programs will cover the full tuition for eligible students with a family income of $65,000 or less.

What Is the GPA Requirement for UTD?

Undergraduate students are required to have a 2.0 cumulative GPA. A 3.0 cumulative GPA is required for graduate students.

Is It Hard to Get into UTD?

At UT Dallas, acceptance rates are 78.6%. In other words, 79 out of the 100 applicants are accepted. The school is therefore not selective. If your performance isn’t drastically below average, you’ll probably get in.

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Is UTD LGBT Friendly?

Only two colleges in the Southwest and 40 nationwide made Campus Pride’s list of the Best of the Best for 2023, with UT Dallas being one of them.

For the fourth year running, UTD received a perfect score of 5 on the Campus Pride Index, which is a benchmarking tool for LGBTQ-friendly policies, initiatives, and practices

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