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Towson Admissions: Application Update 2023


Towson Admissions is now open for prospective students who wish to apply to the institution. We get to know more about their reviews, rankings, cost, and statistics in this article.

Towson Admissions

About the University

Towson University is the second-largest university in Maryland’s renowned University System, which is the country’s 12th-largest public university system. TU is also a founding member of the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities, and it has job openings at all levels.

Towson University, a nationally recognized leader in inclusive excellence, provides a friendly atmosphere for living and learning, accessible to many educational, cultural, and community resources.

Towson University provides its students with the best of both worlds. The lovely 329-acre suburban campus of TU, located eight miles north of Baltimore and less than an hour’s drive from Washington, D.C., serves as the backdrop for learning.

Towson University’s extensive collaborations with public and private entities provide unique opportunities for research, internships, and careers around the region. The Towson Learning Network extends beyond its main campus to off-campus locations around Maryland. Transfer students at TU in Northeastern Maryland can complete their degrees.

Towson Admissions Acceptance Rate

Admission at Towson University is competitive, with an acceptance rate of 88% and an early acceptance rate of 78.7%. Half of Towson University’s admitted students have a SAT score between 1040 and 1220 or an ACT score between 21 and 26.

However, one-fourth of approved applicants received scores that were higher than these ranges, while the other quarter received scores that were lower.

Towson Admissions Requirements

1. Transcript of high school record

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2. Essay

3. SAT/ACT Score

4. Interview

5. A minimum high school GPA of 3

GPA Requirements for Towson Admissions

Towson University needs you to be above average in your high school class with a GPA of 3.68. A balance of A’s and B’s is required, with more A’s than B’s.

You can compensate for a lower GPA by taking more difficult coursework, such as AP or IB courses. This shows that you can handle more rigorous academics than the ordinary high school student.

If you are a junior or senior, it is difficult to change your GPA in time for college applications. If your GPA is at or below the school average of 3.68, you’ll need to improve your SAT or ACT score. This will allow you to compete effectively against applicants with greater GPAs than you.


SAT Requirements for Towson Admissions

Towson University’s average SAT composite score is 1140 on a 1600 SAT scale.

Towson University is competitive for SAT test scores with this score.

The New SAT 25th percentile score is 1060, and the New SAT 75th percentile score is 1210. A 1060 on the New SAT puts you below average, and a 1210 puts you above average.

ACT Requirements for Towson Admissions

Towson University’s average ACT score is 23. Towson University is Moderately Competitive for ACT scores with this score.

The ACT score for the 25th percentile is 20, and the ACT score for the 75th percentile is 25.

Even if Towson University says there is no minimum ACT requirement, if you apply with a 20 or lower, you will have a more difficult time getting in, unless you have something else noteworthy in your application.

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Application Deadline

The deadline for applications is April 1st.

Application Fee

Towson University charges a $45.00 application fee.


Is Towson University Hard to Get Into?

With a 76% acceptance rate, Towson University is less selective. Towson University accepts students with a SAT score of 1060-1220 or an ACT score of 21-26. The deadline for regular applications is April 1.


Is Towson a Good College?

In its Best Colleges rankings for 2023-2023, U.S. News & World Report ranked Towson University among the top ten public institutions in the North area.

They also recognized TU as a top performer in social mobility, as well as for its outstanding undergraduate business administration, computer science, and nursing programs.

Is Towson Good for Psychology?

They ranked Towson in the top 10% of psychology programs in the country. College Factual ranks it as the 86th best school out of 965. It is also the third best school in Maryland.

I believe this article has done justice to the Towson Admissions. Please keep visiting our page for more articles like this.


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