The Biggest Problems of College Students

biggest problem of college students

College is a brand new life, different from the one you know in high school. Just as new opportunities come in, you also face new problems too. The question is, what are the biggest problems of college students?

When you come to terms with your challenges, you have the power to overcome them. Hence, this post will introduce the biggest problems of college students and proffer quick solutions to them.


Whatever stress you faced in high school, imagine you tripled it. That’s just how college will be stressful to you with tons of duties, assignments, responsibilities, etc. However, it doesn’t always have to weigh you down or break you away.

Employ good time management skills. Furthermore, plan your day with healthy meals and take frequent breaks.


It is almost inevitable to avoid that moody, hopeless feeling that sweeps over you when you fail, lose, etc. Nevertheless, you can just as easily control it when it comes. Cheer yourself up with your hobbies, hang out with friends or spend time with family.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

This condition is one of the most common challenges in universities and institutions globally. Stay away from these addictions and see a doctor instantly to undergo therapy that will help.

Financial Strain

It is normal that you run out of cash in school and need one or two boxes to reimburse you. Therefore, don’t let your financial status weigh you down, and don’t choke yourself up with debts. Again, plan a budget and cut down on unnecessary items that run you dry for a healthier financial life.

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Peer Pressure

There is a subtle competition among students in higher institutions as everyone wants to be like another person or better. You don’t need to involve yourself in such a negative struggle. You need to realize that you’re different, and you stand out being who you are.

Let go of friends who oppress you and focus on your career and goals.

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