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Syracuse University Tuition 2023| Cost of Attendance


Interested in attending one of the country’s top research institutions? Learn more about the Syracuse University Tuition and costs of attending the University, as well as the financial assistance alternatives available.Syracuse University Tuition Tuition and Cost.

Tuition, fees, housing, and meal plans are examples of direct expenses you must pay to Syracuse University directly through the bursar’s office. The cost of attendance employs a blended rate because the price of a lodging and food plan differs.

Your actual costs may change based on the type of housing or food plan you choose.

Indirect expenses are costs that are not charged directly by Syracuse University but are included in the cost of attendance to aid in budget planning. This category includes travel, personal expenses, books, and supplies.

Syracuse University Tuition Student Budget

Direct (billable) costs
Tuition $58,440
Housing & meals (average) $17,170
Miscellaneous fees $1,695*
Total direct cost $77,305
Indirect (non-billable) costs (average)
Books & supplies $1,690
Transportation $768
Personal expenses $1,184
Loan fees (if student loan borrowed) $67
Total indirect cost $3,709
Cost of Attendance (without health insurance) $81,014
Health insurance $2,347**
Total Cost of Attendance $83,361

Syracuse University Tuition Financial Aid

Syracuse University thinks every accepted student should have access to a top-notch education. Over 83 percent of our students receive financial aid, the majority as scholarships and grants with no repayment requirements.


Syracuse University Tuition Loan

Regardless of their own or their spouses’ income, students may be eligible for up to $20,500 in Direct Unsubsidized Loans each academic year.

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In each academic year, all graduate students are eligible for Graduate PLUS Loan support. You can use this credit-based loan to pay for tuition and fees and living expenses up to the cost of attendance.

Private lenders may accept applications for education loans from students who need more help.

Syracuse University Tuition Scholarship

The Admissions Committee recognizes academic excellence regardless of financial need by awarding merit-based scholarships to undergraduate students (funds that are not required to be repaid).

When awarding these scholarships, they give consideration to academic qualifications, performance on standardized exams (if submitted), class rank, and portfolio or audition results (if applicable), as well as community service, interest in extracurricular activities, and broader citizenship.

The Syracuse University Grant, which is based on need, will be decreased by the amount of any tuition benefits that students get based on their parent’s job.

Scholarships from Syracuse University are tuition-specific and may be paired with other tuition-specific prizes (including those from institutions outside of Syracuse University), up to the annual tuition cost.

Your Syracuse merit-based scholarship may be combined with your Dependent Tuition Benefit, up to the full cost of tuition, if you are a Syracuse University dependent tuition benefit (DTB) eligible student receiving less than 100% benefit.

Syracuse University Tuition Grant

A grant is unrepayable gift help that is given based on financial necessity.

Federal Pell Grants are often only given to undergraduate students who have not yet got a professional or bachelor’s degree.

To qualify for an FSEOG, you must submit an FAFSA so that your college can assess your level of financial need.

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It differs from other federal student grants in that you must enroll in specific programs in order to qualify and that you must work a specific type of job in order to prevent the grant from becoming a debt.

The New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) aids qualified New Yorkers in paying for their education at recognized New York State institutions.

Syracuse University Tuition Work-Study

FWS is a program for part-time work with the federal government. Students can work both on and off campus and pay varies by job.

Your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) information and the amount of money are used to determine your eligibility for work-study. The Federal Work-Study (FWS) award represent the amount that may be made through a work-study employment.

You labor at the hourly rate of the job and get paid weekly for the hours done; FWS is not directly applied to the student tuition account. They may put the earnings toward living expenditures (supplies, food, and so forth)

To work while attending Syracuse, you are not need to get a Federal Work-Study grant. Both on and off campus, there are several non-work-study opportunities available.

Does Syracuse University Give Full Scholarship?

Because of this collaboration, SU provides two scholarships for incoming students.

Each scholarship covers the full cost of tuition and mandatory fees, and it is renewable for up to four years as long as the recipient maintains a full-time enrollment at Syracuse University and makes the required academic progress. The scholarship is intended for full-time study.

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Is Syracuse Generous with Financial Aid?

83 percent of Syracuse University students received financial aid totaling more than $447 million during the 2023–22 academic year.

They gave more than $328 million in grants and scholarships from Syracuse University to students as the single largest source of financial aid.

Is Syracuse University Worth the Cost?

In terms of value, Syracuse University is ranked #2,133 out of 2,223 institutions. Our evaluation of other colleges charging comparable prices led us to the conclusion that they overprice Syracuse University considering the caliber of education it offers.

What GPA do you Need to Get Into Syracuse?

Enrollment in programs with a local university course component calls for a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Based on the program’s published GPA requirements and/or Syracuse Abroad’s assessment of the program’s academic expectations, the required GPA for most World Partner programs is 3.0.


Is Syracuse a Joining the Ivy League?

With an expected total cost of attendance of more than $70,000, SU now joins Ivy League institutions like Brown University or Yale University.

Is Syracuse College Hard to Get Into?

With a 69% acceptance rate, Syracuse admissions are selective. The average SAT or ACT score of students to Syracuse is between 1180 and 1380, or 26 to 30. The Syracuse University regular admissions application deadline is January 5.

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