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Salve Regina Tuition| Costs of Undergraduate Studies


Get a comprehensive guide on Salve Regina tuition, including its cost, financial aid options, and payment plans. Find out how to pay for college and maximize your education.Salve Regina TuitionCost of Attendance

The institution bills students for both direct and indirect educational expenses, which are covered by the student expenditure budget.

Below is a list of the approximate costs of undergraduate studies that we use for our various student budgets. (The sample budgets do not account for extra costs like lab fees, registration fees, or commencement fees.)

The expected costs of undergraduate studies for the academic year 2023–2024 are listed below.

Undergraduate Cost of Attendance
On-campus resident student Off-campus student not living at home Off-campus student living with parent/relative
Tuition and fees $47,930 $47,930 $47,930
Housing and food $17,500
Direct billed charges $65,430 $47,930 $47,930
Off-campus living allowance* $13,170 $9,512
Books and supplies* $1,600 $1,600 $1,600
Personal expenses* $2,300 $2,300 $2,300
Transportation* $1,500 $1,500 $1,500
Loan fees $86 $86 $86
The total estimated cost of attendance $70,916 $66,585 $63,128

On-campus room and board, tuition, and other costs are all billed directly by the university.

An estimation of on-campus housing and board is made using typical first-year residence halls and food plans.

Any expenses not specifically billed are estimates. The aforementioned estimations will assist you in creating your budget for the academic year even if actual costs for some goods may change.


Salve Regina Tuition Financial Aid

Often, financial aid packages include need-based assistance like grants and self-help. Grants are given out based on the data supplied in the FAFSA each year. Together with federal student employment, packages may also include federal student loans.

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Students do not need to apply for financial aid to be evaluated for merit-based scholarships, which are part of the application evaluation process for all new students. In addition, a large number of our students have received funding from outside sources.

Salve Regina Tuition Grant

Undergraduate students who demonstrate a severe financial need are given federal Pell Awards. The maximum award sums could change based on annual government allocations.

The Office of Financial Aid offers need-based Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants to students who also qualify for Pell Grants.

Salve Regina grants are university-funded needs-based awards. The FAFSA information and tuition prices are utilized to determine eligibility.

Please be aware that grants are adjusted to reflect decreasing costs of attendance when students move away from the campus.

In the final semester before graduation, part-time students receive their grants proportionately. All other students must maintain their full-time status to maintain their eligibility.

Salve Regina Tuition Loan

The Federal Direct Loan program offers guaranteed student loans. For as long as students are enrolled at least half-time throughout standard enrollment periods, repayment is postponed until six months following graduation.

Subsidized Direct Loans are given to students with financial need; as long as they are enrolled at least half-time, the government covers the interest.

For students who don’t qualify for need-based loans, there are unsubsidized Direct Loan options. When they are enrolled in school, students are still responsible for paying interest even if it is postponed and added to the loan principle.

First-year students’ loan limitations are $3,500, second-year students’ limits are $4,500, and third- and fourth-year students’ limits are $5,500. Also available each year is an unsubsidized $2,000 loan.

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The annual loan cap is determined by the total number of credits a student has earned as of the start of the academic year.

Salve Regina Tuition Work Study

The self-help aspects of the financial support package include the provision of federal student employment to qualified students.

This money is used for personal needs like laundry or books; it is not deducted from the bill. Upon arrival on campus, students can submit applications for open opportunities through the Office of Career Development.

Salve Regina Tuition Scholarship

All new students are eligible for academic scholarships if they apply and are accepted. You can be given academic scholarships without having to apply for financial aid.

Academic awards are granted after the assessment of high school transcripts, SAT/ACT scores (if used in the application process), and class standing at the time of acceptance.

The evaluation procedure significantly considers both course choices and total GPA. Academic scholarships are only awarded after a student has been accepted.

If you keep your cumulative GPA above the necessary level and continue to study full-time for an undergraduate degree, academic scholarships are renewable for four years.

Residency status determines award amounts. Based on the decreased cost of attendance, if your status shifts from resident to commuter, your grant will typically drop by $3,500.

Scholarships are awarded to the top students in each class based on their cumulative GPA. Prize winners are announced every autumn. A list of extra prerequisites is included in the undergraduate catalog.

OCHRE (Opportunity and Community Helping to Reach Equity) scholarships play a significant role in the university’s mission to build and support a community that is diverse, well-rounded, and motivated to make a difference in the world.

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At salve.edu/ochre-scholarships, more details are accessible.

For accepted students who have an interest in dance, music, theater, or studio art, Salve Regina holds a scholarship competition.

Awarded based on auditions or portfolio assessments, scholarships have a maximum value of $2,000 annually. At salve.edu/artsscholar, more details are accessible.

Many students have earned a sizable amount of income from outside sources by spending a little time looking into outside scholarship alternatives.


Salve Regina Tuition Payment Plans

Salve Regina’s interest-free monthly payment plans, made available through a collaboration with Nelnet, serve as an alternative to hefty annual or term payments and aid in keeping borrowing to a minimum. Nelnet provides several monthly payment plans.

On the student’s My Salve account, click the “Payment Plan and Billing” link, call (800) 609-8056 to speak with an education payment counselor, or get in touch with the business office for further information or to sign up for a monthly payment plan.

Salve Regina tuition is an essential aspect of attending Salve Regina University. Although tuition may appear expensive, the university offers a variety of financial aid programs and payment schedules to assist students in covering the expense of their education.

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