insuring classic cars

Insuring Classic Cars

Do you have a classic car from the 19s and don’t want to lose it? You should consider purchasing auto insurance for classic cars. However, insuring classic cars don’t work the way other cars do. There are certain factors you must consider.

You can read our post here on what makes a classic car and what its insurance covers. Afterward, read below to insure your classic car.


Insuring Classic Cars

When you want to insure your classic car, the first and most necessary factor is ensuring you qualify. The age of a vehicle is insufficient to qualify for specialist classic automobile insurance. While standards vary per firm, most automobiles must fulfill the following criteria to be considered:

Limited usage 


Your vintage automobile cannot be used for ordinary errands or commuting. Your insurance may contain mileage restrictions and confirmation that you properly store the car if you travel with it. 

When not in use, you should keep your one-of-a-kind car in a secure location, such as a home garage. In some circumstances, insurers may demand you have the primary vehicle for daily use.

Vehicle exhibitions and meetings

The restricted usage provision of a vintage automobile policy allows travel to car shows and auto club meetings. However, some insurers may restrict this coverage as well. Check your insurer to see if they have travel limitations.

A clean driving record

If you have serious traffic offenses on your record, they may bar you from purchasing antique vehicle insurance. These offenses include reckless driving, numerous speeding violations, driving while intoxicated, etc.

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Once you’re in line with these rules, you should consider getting quotes from multiple insurers. Speak to a professional to put you through as not many insurers are capable of this insurance. You dont need anything else – it’s a fast and easy process. 


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