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Surely, homeowner insurance crowns all the effort you put to get yourself that nice place you call home. Ultimately, getting coverage for your home is a step in the right direction. Ideally, it helps you enjoy your home more with zero worries about more financial obligations on your property and other assets.

What is Homeowner Insurance

Now, this is a kind of property insurance plan policy that covers a private residence. You can also refer to it as home insurance. By the way, this homeowner insurance policy places coverage over any kind of loss or damage to a private residence.

Not just that but also on all you have within the confines of your home like appliances, furnishings, and any other assets. So, this means that this type of coverage gives financial protection against disasters and damage to just about everything within the home, as the case may be.

Most times, the homeowner insurance comes in form of a combination of different personal insurance plans in categories. It forms the standard home insurance policy. Furthermore, the insurance provides liability coverage in cases of injuries or accidents in the private residence.

Homeowner Liability Coverage

In continuation, a homeowner liability coverage covers you when another person gets hurt accidentally or injures on your property. Also, when you or anyone from your family destroys another person’s belongings, your insurer can pick up the medical bills of your injured visitor.

  • Personal Liability

This part stays under liability coverage. Hence, if ever you get sued, your coverage will provide you with an attorney. It does not stop there, your insurer pays for the damages you caused if the court finds you guilty.

  • Pain and suffering
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If the accident in your home caused pain both emotional and physical and it affected their mental health, the court will compensate them by awarding damages.

  • Lost Wages

Here, your insurer is mandated to reimburse anyone that could not go back to work again due to injuries sustained in your home. This takes its full course if the court finds you guilty.

Cases not covered by Homeowner Insurance Liability

  • Car accidents
  • Business-related injuries
  • Dog bites
  • Intentional injuries
  • Injuries to family members

Who needs Homeowner Coverage?

Additionally, this coverage has to do with anyone that just completed their new home. Again, any homeowner that has not insured their private residence.

Types of Homeowner Coverage

Moving forward, there are types of coverage according to you can always pick from. The coverage gives different kinds of protection depending on your needs. More so, the coverage are all listed in this manner, HO-1 to HO-8. So, during your first step of getting a quote, you must become familiar with all before you make your final decision.

What is covered by Homeowner Insurance?

Basically, there are some general rules to the homeowner coverage. This applies to what a typical homeowner policy must cover before you decide on what extras to add. So, generally, it covers

  • Firstly, every structure in your private residence like; a shed, garage, and others. And, they are protected from disasters like fire, water damage, and wind.
  • Then, personal properties like clothes, electronic appliances, dishes, etc from damage or theft
  • Limited valuable items like jewelry, expensive collectibles from theft
  • Extra living expenses, however, cover you for an extra cost you might have to pay when you experience a covered loss.
  • The home building. That is, the home structure
  • Personal liability helps to cover your legal expenses in the event of your visitor’s injury
  • Finally, medical bills for any accident on your property
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What is not covered in Homeowner Insurance

As it stands, there are things your coverage does not include. Yes, it is certain that your home coverage should give you the kind of protection that makes you sleep well at night. However, there is a limit to what your coverage could carry. So, home insurance does not cover disasters like

  • Flood
  • Maintenance
  • Wear and tear
  • Some natural disasters
  • Nuclear hazards

Importantly, it is possible to tweak your coverage to accommodate a cover for such disasters.


First and foremost, you have to speak with your insurance company or their agents to know what gets you a discount. But most times, buying more than one insurance policy from the same company gets you a discount. Not just that, other things might easily get you a discount from your insurer, but you have to ask and know their stands on policy discounts options.

  • Multi-Policy discount

Here, most insurers give you the option of a discount when you buy homeowners coverage alongside other insurance coverage. This might be

  • Car and home insurance discount
  • Security system and home insurance discount
  • Umbrella and boat discount
  • Early Quote discount

Some companies prefer giving out an early quote discount for anyone that buys their policy early, as the case may be.

  • Protective device discount

Furthermore, discounts can come in when you use devices like

  • Smoke detectors and fire alarms
  • Automatic water shut-off systems
  • Smart or connected homes

Best Homeowner Insurance companies that you can get quotes from

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