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Drexel University Tuition 2023| Cost of Attendance


Thinking about paying for Drexel University Tuition? We’ll help you find your way. Each year, Drexel awards millions in scholarships, grants, and waivers. To learn more, continue reading. Drexel University TuitionCost of Attendance

Understanding the cost of attending Drexel is significant.

The University gives students individualized cost of attendance breakdowns through DrexelOne, which include appraisals of tuition, charge, food and lodging, individual, transportation, and book/supply costs based upon major and expected enlistment.

This breakdown is utilized in calculating financial aid qualification and can be utilized by students and their families to design their finances for Drexel. Your complete financial aid bundle cannot surpass the university’s cost of attendance.

Grants that make up a financial aid bundle include grants, scholarships, loans, work-study, and scholarships from private associations.

Drexel University Tuition Student Budget

Cost Annual Amount
Tuition $56,595
Fees $2,405
Room and Board $16,980

Drexel University Tuition Financial Aid

Investing in your education is significant, however it doesn’t need to be convoluted. We have all the information you and your family need to explore and comprehend each part of the financial aid process so you can determine the means that are appropriate for you.

Whether you’re an incoming or current student, we’ll help you by providing thorough direction about your financial aid choices.

From scholarships to loans to work-study and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, investigate the most ideal ways to support your education and what to finish to take advantage of these valuable open doors.

Drexel University Tuition Work Study

Federal Work-Study is a need-based program intended to set out part-time business open doors for qualified students.

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Work-study funding is granted as a feature of a student’s financial aid bundle. Students search and go after work-study jobs and whenever recruited, buy up to the sum offered for the year through every other week checks based on the hours they work.

Federal Work-Study reserves are granted based upon students showing they are interested in the program on their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and have an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) that meet the University’s laid out awarding strategy.

Students should acknowledge the honor in DrexelOne to use the funding.

Drexel University Tuition Grant

Grants are need-based grants that needn’t bother with being repaid. Grants can emerge out of Drexel, state or potentially the federal government.

They offer the Drexel Grant to first-year and full-time nearby exchange who complete a CSS Profile when they are applying for admission to Drexel. Both homegrown and international students are qualified for this grant.

The Drexel Grant is sustainable for future years for up to 12 class terms in which they enlist you for classes (not for terms a student is on center) gave you maintain full-time enlistment.

The Federal Pell Grant is a need-based grant accessible to students pursuing their most memorable four-year certification.

Qualification is based upon your expected family contribution and enlistment status. They naturally evaluate you for the Pell Grant once Drexel accepts your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Drexel University Tuition Scholarship

Drexel offers undergraduate scholarships based on both legitimacy and for students with different affiliations. Most scholarships are granted when students begin full-time enlistment as a Drexel student.

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They are applied to all class terms as long as they maintain full-time status and continue to accomplish a 2.0 combined GPA every academic year (except if noted). Scholarships are not accessible during terms of center.

Drexel offers a few different institutional legitimacy scholarships to incoming first-year and students from other schools by the Entrance advisory board based upon prevalent academic execution. The Entrance advisory board makes choices regarding qualification.

Drexel University Tuition Loan

Once in a while students might decide to use a loan or loans to take care of the costs of their education.

Loans are financial commitments picked by students, and guardians or cosigners, that require reimbursement at a particular date.

While loans are an acknowledged choice for financing an advanced degree, minimizing loan obligation as well as appropriately managing your loans is critical to your future achievement.

Depending upon what kind of student you are, the Branch of Education offers three unique sorts of Federal Direct Loans: Subsidized, Unsubsidized, and Graduate PLUS Loans.

Is Drexel University Expensive?

At Drexel University, the complete cost is $76,524. The net cost is the typical cost of the university after they discount aid and scholarship reserves from the complete cost, which comes in at $45,304 for the typical student receiving need-based aid.

Is Drexel a Ivy League?

No, Drexel University isn’t an Ivy League school. The school produces cutthroat graduates, so it’s anything but an unexpected that many think the school is an individual from the lofty Ivy League.

Drexel University is likewise a private school arranged in the northeastern piece of the nation, in the same way as other Ivy League school.

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What GPA do you Need to get into Drexel?

Drexel’s admissions process is selective, with a 75% acceptance rate. It accepts students with a typical SAT score of 1190-1390 or a normal ACT score of 25-31. Drexel University expects you to have a 3.73 GPA to be better than expected in your secondary school class.

The Drexel University Tuition was the only aim of this article, and we hope we could assist you with it. For more content, kindly return to our page.

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