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Dallas Zoo Admissions: All You Need to Know About the Zoo


Have you ever heard of the Dallas Zoo Admissions? Dallas Zoo is the largest and oldest zoo in the Texas giving guests a piece of history upon each visit. Read through this article to find out more interesting things about the Zoo.

Dallas Zoo Admissions

About the Zoo

Dallas Zoo, commonly known as Dallas Zoological Park, is a 106-acre zoo in Marsalis Park, 3 miles south of downtown Dallas, Texas.

It is the largest and oldest zoological park in Texas, and the charity Dallas Zoological Society operates it. They started it in 1888. There live over 2,000 critters from 406 kinds.

History of Dallas Zoo Admissions

John Neely Bryan, a Tennessee entrepreneur and lawyer, built the first cabin in the area in 1841, right next to the river. Since then, it has been fixed.

They developed a town site in the region in 1844 after more people arrived. Unknown, but most likely in honor of Joseph Dallas, a pioneer settler, or George Mifflin Dallas, the vice President of the United States (1845–49).

Swiss and German immigrants boosted its early population, and in the late 1850s, French laborers from the nearby La Réunion Fourierist utopian community contributed to it.

Many African Americans moved to the area following the American Civil War.

Dallas Zoo Admissions Pricing List

  • For Adults between the of age 12-64, Weekday is $15 while Weekend is $17
  • For Children between the age 3-11: Weekday is $12 while Weekend is $14
  • For Children Under the age of 2: Weekday is FREE while Weekend is FREE

Parking Pricing for Dallas Zoo Admissions

Parking per vehicle during weekday and weekend is $10

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Click on Dallas Zoo Admissions to purchase ticket

Buffallo Zoo Admissions

How Long Does it Take to Walk Through Dallas Zoo?

Allow three to four hours if you want to go through everything on foot. It also depends on how many people are present.

We typically go exploring for three hours with our toddler, bring our own lunch, and dine at the picnic area. Then depart.

Is Dallas or Fort Worth Zoo Better?

A playground with a natural-looking watercourse is shaded in the Dallas Zoo. There is a park-like feature at the Fort Worth Zoo.

If your two children are close in age, Dallas might be easier to manage. However, you might appreciate Fort Worth Zoo just as much if your children are older or more evenly spaced out in age.

Which is Better Dallas Zoo or Dallas Aquarium?

The DWA is actually more of a zoo than an aquarium. Some issues include the cost ($45 for two adults for the 1.5 hours we spent there), the size of some of the exhibit cages, and the lack of emphasis on actual aquaria.

Do You Have to Wear a Mask at the Fort Worth Zoo?

If I am 10 years of age or older, I must wear a mask when I visit the zoo because of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic and the executive order in Texas.

My mask should cover my mouth and nose. I can protect myself and others by wearing a mask.

Can I Take Food Into Dallas Zoo?

For the safety of our animals, you are welcome to bring your own food and beverages, but no glass containers, alcoholic beverages, or thin, single-use straws.

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The Zoo has chairs and picnic tables all over it. Please be aware that there are no facilities for storing food or coolers.

Do You Have to Wear a Mask at the Dallas Zoo?

All visitors, including Dallas Zoo Members, must make online reservations for timed tickets and parking before going.

They will scan your entry and parking tickets at the ticket booths OR the parking booth, depending on where you enter the Zoo. In all areas of the Zoo, visitors are encouraged but not compelled to hide their faces.

What Can I Take to the Zoo?

You can take:

  • Food.
  • Water.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Sanitizer for hands.
  • Bandages.
  • Camera.
  • Tissues/Wipes.

Dallas Zoo is really an interesting place to visit. Bring the whole family to enjoy a day at the Dallas Zoo.

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