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  1. Elorm Yawa Satsi says:

    I’m unable to access my students portal, the reason being my password or username is invalid. No I try to change the password but still isn’t able to because they don’t recognize my index number.

  2. Latifa Ahmed says:

    Comment Text*please am unable to log in to my account

  3. Please when are we resuming?

  4. Michael Antwi says:

    When will the upsasip be active?

  5. Thomas Osei says:

    I am unable to access my admission letter

  6. Please I have received the admission message I first logged into my account but of late I can login no more

  7. Please i’m a fresh student who just got admission into UPSA, i’ve made the school fees payment and wants to log in so that i can disburse the payment but its telling Invalid User/wrong info provided…any help?

  8. Rachael Otuah says:

    Please I’m not getting any message about the , please when will my own come

  9. I’m Erica Nartey, please I’m not able to access my student portal
    Whenever I try to login, I get a notification that my username and password are invalid. Please any help

  10. kittah bismark says:

    am a new student cant access the student portal and email
    but i have done all the necessary things

  11. I also wanted to check if I’ve been admitted to UPSA but the link isn’t working


    I have been trying to access the student portal, but both my index and password is invalid. I try changing the password but is still not working.

  13. Please is admission on going

  14. Anonymous says:

    please have not yet received my admission letter and the fees to pay.
    I only have a message that I have been admitted but don’t how much to pay as a fee

  15. Anonymous says:

    I’m unable to access the student portal

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