UPSA Fees Structure 2020/2021

The University of Professional Studies (UPSA) Fees Structure 2020/2021 for All Courses is published. All New & Old Students are expected to check the school fees. Are You wandering How much University of Professional Studies Fees Structure cost? Congratulations, You’ve come to the right place.

UPSA Fees Structure 2020

The Management of University of Professional Studies (UPSA) has released the fees structure for All Courses for 2020/20201 Academic Sessions. Fees vary based on the programme You are Undertaking. The school fees for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students are quite dissimilar.

UPSA Fees Structure 2020/2021 for All Courses

Here is the University of Professional Studies UPSA School Fees for 2020 academic session.

POSTGRADUATE Evening & Weekend 2019 Batch 16,470 10,000
Freshers (2020 Batch) 17,300 10,000
UNDERGRADUATE 3-Year Post 1st Degree Bachelor of Laws (LLB) 2019 Batch 9,000 5,000
Freshers (2020 Batch) 9,000 5,000
4-Year Bachelor of Laws (LLB) 2019 Batch 5,120 4,000
Freshers (2020 Batch) 5,120 4,000
Morning & Evening 2017 Batch 2,652 4,000
2018 Batch 3,580 4,000
2019 Batch 4,120 4,000
Freshers (2020 Batch) 4,120 4,000
Weekend 2017 Batch 3,162 4,000
2018 Batch 4,110 4,000
2019 Batch 4,730 4,000
Freshers (2020 Batch) 4,120 4,000
DIPLOMA Morning & Evening 2019 Batch 3,660 3,000
Freshers (2020 Batch) 3,660 3,000
PROFESSIONAL Morning 2018 Batch 964 300
2019 Batch 1,110 300
Freshers (2020 Batch) 1,110 300
Medical Screening (Freshers only) – Diploma, Undergraduate, Graduate & Professional 100
Medical Levy (Continuing & Freshers) – Diploma, Undergraduate, Graduate & Professional 80
Sports Levy (All Students) 20
Hostel Fund (All Students) 10
SRC Dues (Freshers only)-Diploma, Undergraduate & Professional 60
SRC Dues (All Continuing -Diploma, Undergraduate & Professional) 40
GRASAG Dues Freshers & Continuing students (Graduate School only) 130
UPSA Hostel Facility User Fee Per Person (4 Occupants Per Annum) 1,500
UPSA Hostel Facility User Fee Per Person (2 Occupants Per Annum) 3,000
UPSA Hostel Refundable Deposit For Damages (Per Occupant) 100
UPSA Hostel Initial Electricity Credit (Per Occupant) 20
UPSA Hall Affilation Dues (All Students) Per Academic Year 30
Faculty Dues (All Students) Per Academic Year 40
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In some cases, University of Professional Studies Tuition Fees may vary based on different years/levels in the institution. Though, In most cases, it is based on the programme of study You choose.

Pay University of Professional Studies Fee

Students pay Most Institutions’ School fees via the Student Portal, this may not be the case in this particular institution. Anyways, check the link to the student portal of the University below to make the school fees payment online.

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