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University of Zambia SIS Student Portal: How to Access the Login Page

The University of Zambia SIS student portal has a lot of roles to play in the application, information, record keeping, and directional information. Your ability to access this portal is all you require. Find out how all these are possible.

University of Zambia SIS Student Portal


University of Zambia SIS Student Portal

The study of African linguistics and language ancestry has caused universities around South-Central Africa to admit students from other areas of Africa and the world at large.

The University of Zambia is one of the reputable tertiary institutes in that region that seeks to promote education within and outside Africa.


However, they have designed a portal for local and international aspirants to make it easier and more convenient provided you have a device and good internet network.

The portal remains user-friendly and has a lot of information regarding login, registering an account, resetting, and understanding the dashboard.

How to Access Portal

1. Visit the official website of the University of Zambia by searching “University of Zambia” on Google and you select the first one.

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2. Locate and click on “eLearning portal” on the left side. You will see a screen to log in.


3. To log in, enter your password and username and the dashboard opens for you to navigate through your account.

If you don’t have an account, we will also put you through how to get that done.

How to Register

1. You will still search for the “University of Zambia” on Google and you select the first one.

2. Locate the section tagged “register” or “Create a new Account”, click it, and follow up the registration process by filling in your details.

3. Cross-check your information and if they’re correct submit and await a notification in your mail.

4. After accessing your Login from your mail, return by to your search engine and input the username and password to gain access.

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Application Process/Deadline

The application process is simple if you follow the “Apply Now” tag on the dashboard. You will only choose the degree you desire to pursue.

Most times the university updates their application deadlines on the dashboard or publically. This is when they close the application for admission.

Currently, the institution is admitting a student into several levels of study and hasn’t announced their deadline date yet but it’s best you hurry and apply now.

To assist you with a faster way to process your application for any degree, you can click this link to quickly start applying now.

Admission Requirement

The admission requirement of the University of Zambia is specific to the course/department you are applying to.

However, the general requirement requires that you have an excellent result from your previous level of study to apply for any degree at any level.

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At least 5 Credit or Better, including the English Language to be eligible for admission while you look out for departmental requirements.

Tuition and Fees

Before you apply to study at UNZA, you will need a clue about their tuition, especially as an international student.

Specific provisions have been made for such students and also come with additional costs and fees, and the school has its criteria for calculating these costs.

To know more about the fees and tuition, create or register and check your dashboard for it since all students have different tuition following their courses and origin.

Finally, the benefits of knowing how to navigate through this portal are numerous since you can follow up on classes, check timetables, and exam scores, register for courses, and communicate.

Therefore create your account and log in to gain access to your student account.


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