University of West Alabama Fees 2024/2025 Academic Session

Non-residents and International applicants keep asking about the University of West Alabama fees. Do you also want to know about UWA tuition and fees? Relax and let’s serve you the complete details.

University of West Alabama Fees


University of West Alabama Fees

The Southeastern region of the United States has the most prominent and beautiful institutions of learning in Alabama and of course, it costs quite an amount to school there.

However, applicants of UWA should know that tuition for US citizens is different from that of International students but fees remain the same


At the undergraduate level, fees cost $1890 per year moreover tuition and fees are different.

We will enlighten you on both since they are integral to your total payment when your admission is approved. They might have clauses, requirements, and segments, so check before making payments.

How to Register/Log in

The official portal page for the institution automatically recognizes a first-timer and a returning user. Therefore, visiting for the first time, you will be asked to submit your e-mail.

However, if you already have an account and wish to log in, all that is required is to input your username and password after which you gain access to your dashboard.

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The benefit of having a UWA student account is enormous including getting information, materials, communication, and score follow-ups.

Application Check/Deadline

The application deadlines of most institutions are usually publicly released or announced once they close their portal for submission of applications.

However, the school runs a Fall and Spring season for admission, therefore applicants should target these seasons to apply.

You will also find the “How to Apply” tag which will aid you submit an application to UWA for any program you wish to pursue.

If you’ve applied already and want to check your admission status, you can do that by checking the official homepage and clicking on admission or clicking on this link.

Admission Requirement

For you to be a student of the institution, you will be required to meet certain considerations academically and otherwise to be admitted. These include:

1. High school transcripts for undergraduates or former degree transcripts for postgraduate

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2. ATAR score of 75-90 for undergraduates and excellent academic performance from postgraduates

3. Recommendation letters from schools

4. Aspirants Personal Statement

5. English language proficiency scores of about TOEFL IBT – 82, IELTS – 6.5, PTE – 64 or equivalent.

Aspects of Uwa Tuition

To have a quick rundown of the various payments you will be required to make as a freshman to graduation at the University of Alabama, this is what it looks like:

Under Tuition

1. Cost per Credit Hour: These make up the tuition fees and the credit per hour sums up a student’s tuition.

i. Undergraduates pay $325.00

ii. Graduates pay $429.00

iii. Doctorate Tuition Per Hour cost $630.00

Various Fees to pay for at UWA

1. Application Fees: These are payment applicants for various programs and levels pay to the UWA to consider their application. It cost $30.00.

2. The Online Course Fees: More like course registration fees are within the ranges of $55-$300.

3. Fee for Technology per Session: This costs $60.00. This is the cost associated with technology usage for each academic session.

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4. Comprehensive Examination Fee: This fee is a charge for a qualifying exam which costs about $50.00.

5. Application for Graduation Fees: This is a charge to apply for an official graduation notice. From the undergraduate level to the Doctorate level costs $75.00, while filing a late fee for graduation application costs $100.00.

Also, staying at various campuses could influence different prices.

  • The annual undergraduate tuition for UWA online fee costs $11,700 while an hour costs $325.
  • The University of Alabama’s annual tuition costs $13,500 while an hourly cost is $375.
  • Troy University’s annual tuition is $12,168 while per hour costs $338.
  • At the University of South Alabama, the cost is about $15,588 and an hour is $433.
  • Their campus at Mississippi State costs $14,076 and hourly you’re charged $391.

To see other details of tuition and fees associated with UWA like for international students, visit their official homepage.

Finally, After going through this page we are convinced you now have a clue of how much your tuition and fees would be at UWA.


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