University of Mkar Hostel Accommodation Fees

We bring you the University of Mkar (UMM) hostel fee, Accommodation Fees as released by the management.

i) All fees must be paid on or before the first day of the Semester. Students who do not register 14 days after resumption shall pay a late fee of N10,000.00

ii) University of Mkar, Mkar (UMM) operates a residency policy for all undergraduate students and it is mandatory. Students are, therefore not allowed to stay off-campus. Students are advised to provide their beddings, mosquito nets and toiletries for their own use.

iii) The University operates pay-as-you-eat cafeteria services which have been out- sourced. Students are neither allowed to cook in their halls of residence nor buy food outside.

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iv) Use of delicate appliances such as electric cookers and television sets are not allowed in Halls of Residence. Students can however; use electric kettles that have automatic switch-off facility

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