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University of Ghana Admission Portal: Graduate School Updates

Students at the University of Ghana reflect a variety of viewpoints, experiences, backgrounds, and cultural traditions by coming from all around Ghana, Africa, and the rest of the globe.

University of Ghana Admission Portal

University of Ghana Admission Portal

The institution makes every attempt to offer financial help to qualified Ghanaian undergraduate candidates with low funds through the Students Financial Aid Office (SFAO).

Through direct enrollment and exchange programs, UG’s Office of International Programs promotes international students’ involvement. There are now approximately 71 nations represented among the close to 1,500 foreign students.

Undergraduate Admissions

The University of Ghana announces applications are now available for admission to various undergraduate programs for the academic year 2022–2023. This announcement is for the public’s knowledge and those of applicants, parents, and guardians.

Applicants should note the following information:

Before applying, they advise all prospective applicants to visit the University’s website, and thoroughly study all pertinent information and requirements.

The application process is open to all applicants who will take the WASSCE in 2022.

Only FIRST CHOICE programs are available in the College of Health Sciences, except for those offered at the School of Allied Health Sciences.

Applicants must select courses in the sciences for their second and third choices.

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, and Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering are among the FIRST CHOICE programs available in the College of Basic and Applied Sciences.

Candidates who choose either the Bachelor of Science in Administration (B.Sc.) or the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) as their first choice are highly encouraged to choose the Bachelor of Arts program as their second choice to improve their chances of being admitted.

Candidates must choose subjects from the offered list of choices for the Bachelor of Arts (BA) program. Subject bouquets up to four (4) can be chosen, in that order.

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All applicants to the BA program are required to take three topics at Level 100, two each at Level 200 and 300, and either two or one at Level 400.

The Fee-paying Scheme is an option available to qualified applicants for the Bachelor’s degree at the Legon Campus who fall short of the competitive cut-off points set by the Admissions Board for admission to desired programs of study.

On their application forms, interested candidates must select this option.

‣  The Mature Students Admission had been reintroduced into the Bachelor of Arts Distance Education (DE) Programme.

It is mandatory to submit ALL applications online. Visit the “How to Apply Online Page” by clicking here.

According to the timetable below, all applicants will be evaluated based on result equivalents supplied by the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC):





A1 1 Excellent A 1 – Excellent
B2 2 – Very Good B 2 – Very Good
B3 3 – Good C 3 – Good
C4 4 – Credit D 4 – Credit
C5 5 – Credit E 5 – Pass
C6 6 – Credit F 6- Fail
D7 7 – Pass    
E8 8 – Pass    
F9 9 – Fail  

1. The following qualifications are allowed for admission:

a. SSSCE/WASSSCE: Senior Secondary School Certificates

b. Baccalaureate (French)

c. International Baccalaureate (IB)

d. “A” and “O” Levels for the GCE (Cambridge)

e. GCE and A-Levels

f. Examinations for Grade 12 at American High Schools

g. The WASSSCE/SSSCE and the GCE have equivalents in other external qualifications (A Levels). There will be no admissions below Level 100.

2. On their application forms, all candidates who have ever attended or graduated with a certificate or diploma from the University of Ghana between 1996 and the present day must include their **Student Identity Numbers**.

If accepted, they will apply the same number to the desired program of study.

3. The University of Ghana no longer accepts candidates with Ordinary and Advanced Level Certificates from the West African Examination Council as of the 2007/2008 academic year.

4. Everyone applying must know the University of Ghana’s admissions procedure is quite open and transparent. Therefore, applicants should be wary of anyone who approaches them under the pretense of helping them get admission for a price.

Every applicant is required to ensure that they complete and submit their online applications accurately.

For the benefit of potential students and the public, it is announced that the School of Graduate Studies will offer the below-listed Masters and PhD programs for the academic year 2021–2022.

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1. Masters Programmes

A strong first degree from the University of Ghana or another reputable university in a related field of study, ideally with a second class or better (or a final grade point average of at least 2.0).

Third-class applicants may be admitted based on their job history and/or other criteria.

In order to be considered for programs at the University of Ghana Business School, candidates must have a minimum of two years of work experience.

Applicants are urged to contact the relevant Departments/Schools/Institutes/Centres for further information on the various programs if they would want more information on the admission requirements.

The Department/Institute/School/Centre may ask a candidate to sit for an entrance exam and/or interview in order to determine his or her eligibility.

For programs denoted by an asterisk (*), all candidates are first admitted to the MA/MSc program. On the advice of the Head of Department in collaboration with the Graduate Studies Committee of his or her Department, students who receive an average of B+ or above in the first semester exams MAY advance to the MPhil program.


2. PhD Programmes

Candidates with a Masters degree or an excellent first degree are eligible to apply for a PhD program.

Applicants applying with Masters’ Degree

Candidates for PhD programs must hold a suitable Master’s degree from the University of Ghana or another reputable university.

Applicants applying with first degree

Candidates for a PhD program must have a very good first degree from the University of Ghana or another reputable university. When accepted, they will expect these applicants to enroll in the first year of their department’s Masters’ (Level 600) program.

They must successfully complete all the course exams. After successfully completing the Level 600 courses, individuals would proceed to the four-year Ph.D. program, depending on their performance.

The University now charges fees for all PhD programs, and the durations are:

Four (4) years of full-time duration

Six (6) years of part-time duration

Programme- Specific Entry Requirements/thematic Areas

MBA Management Information Systems

To be eligible for admission, prospective applicants must have at least two (2) years of work experience in an IT setting.

MPhil Home Science (Food Utilization and Community Nutrition)

To be eligible for admission, applicants must have a good foundation in science.

Candidates for admission to these programs must possess:

a. Majored in a dual-major program or a single major.

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b. finished the topic with at least 30 credits

MA/LLM Programme

In order to apply, candidates would need to take an admission exam.

MSc. Audiology

Candidates must have a strong first degree in Physics, Psychology, Biological Sciences, Special Education, with a major in Communication Disorder or Nursing, and a minimum FGPA of 3.0. (BSc.)

MPhil Social work

Candidates must submit a one-page (single-spaced) essay outlining their immediate and long-term professional objectives. They must talk about how a graduate school in social work can assist them in achieving their objectives.

This has to be uploaded online along with other necessary paperwork.

MPhil Anatomy

Before submitting application forms, candidates should first discuss their research proposals with the department.

MPhil Chemical Pathology

Applicants will need to provide documentation of their project financing.


MSc Medical Laboratory Sciences

Candidates must get a Bachelor of Science degree in medical laboratory sciences from an accredited university with a minimum grade point average (FGPA) of 3.25 or a Bachelor of Science degree in biological sciences with a minimum grade point average of second class (upper).

MPhil  Information Studies-Top Up

This is for applicants who received a B+ on their MA and finished it within the previous five years.

MPhil Agricultural Engineering

A thesis proposal is required to be submitted with applicants.

MEng/MPhil/PhD- Biomedical Engineering 

‣ Bioinformatics, Genomics and Targeted Drug Discovery

‣ Implants Science & Regenerative Engineering

‣ Bioinstrumentation & Clinical Engineering

MEng/MPhil/PhD- Materials Science & Engineering

Materials for Energy

Materials for Health care Delivery

Structural Materials

MEng/MPhil/PhD- Agriculture Engineering

Soil &Water Engineering

Postharvest Engineering

Machine Systems Engineering (Agricultural Mechanization)

A thesis proposal is required for all PhD and MPhil candidates to submit with their applications. Interviews with applicants for PhDs, MPhils, and MEng will be conducted.

MPhil in Education /Educational Leadership and Management

Applicants to the MPhil Education program must have an MA degree in Education.

Applicants to the MPhil Educational Leadership and Management program must possess an MA degree in any of:

Educational Leadership and Management

Educational Administration and Management

Educational Leadership

Educational Management

Educational Administration

We hope this brings you valuable information concerning the University of Ghana admissions portal. Do well to visit our other pages for more information on requirements and application.

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