University of Cape Coast: A Guide to Admission and Rankings

Explore the admission requirements for the University of Cape Coast and discover its ranking in various international ranking systems. Join a top-tier institution for an excellent education.

University of Cape Coast


University of Cape Coast

A highly regarded institution of higher learning, the University of Cape Coast (UCC) is situated in Ghana’s Central Region.

Since its inception in 1962, the institution has a long history of providing students from Ghana and other nations with a top-notch education.


It was initially affiliated with the University of Ghana, Legon. But in 1971, it became a fully independent university.

With a reputation for quality in teaching, research, and community service, UCC is now regarded as one of Africa’s top institutions.

Is the University of Cape Coast Accredited?

The National Accreditation Board of Ghana, a government organization tasked with ensuring the quality of the nation’s higher education institutions, has granted the University of Cape Coast (UCC) accreditation.

UCC has also received accreditation from various professional organizations and accreditation bodies for specific programs and courses offered by the university.


These accreditations serve as proof of UCC’s dedication to providing top-notch instruction. And also for upholding the standards established by the certifying bodies.

Academic Programs and Achievements

At the undergraduate and graduate levels, the University of Cape Coast provides a huge selection of academic programs. A few of these include courses in the humanities, sciences, business, education, and health.

Additionally, the university is the location of numerous research institutes and centers. That is for those that carry out cutting-edge investigations in such including public health, development studies, and climate change.

UCC is renowned for its steadfast dedication to providing high-quality education. And that is demonstrated by the university’s many academic successes.

Numerous accomplished former students of the university have gone on to make important achievements in their disciplines both in Ghana and all across the world.

What are the Requirements for UCC?

Depending on the level and type of program a student is seeking, different applicants must meet different entrance requirements at the University of Cape Coast (UCC). However, in order to get accepted to UCC, the following requirements must be satisfied:

Undergraduate Programs

1. Applicants must have completed Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSSCE) or West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). Or equivalent with credit passes in at least five (5) subjects, including English Language and Mathematics.

2. Additionally, candidates must satisfy the minimum standards established by the university for the program they are seeking for.

Postgraduate Programs

1. Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution with a minimum of Second Class Lower Division or its equivalent.

2. Depending on the program, applicants may additionally need to pass an entrance exam or interview.

International Students

1. International students must meet the same academic requirements as Ghanaian students.

2. For international students whose mother tongue is not English must prove that they are proficient in the language. That is by taking an English proficiency test like the TOEFL or IELTS.

It is significant to remember that fulfilling the minimum requirements does not ensure admission to UCC, and admission is fiercely contested.

Also, the university considers a number of factors when determining someone to admission, including academic performance, character attributes, and other accomplishments.

The university suggests that prospective students contact the school or visit the UCC website to learn more about the admission requirements for their specific program of interest.

Opportunities for Students

The University of Cape Coast offers a variety of options for students to advance both their academic and personal growth.

These include student organizations, sports teams, cultural events, and community service programs. To help qualify students’ academic endeavors, the university also offers financial aid and scholarships.

Additionally, UCC also maintains a wide network of alliances and partnerships with institutions and groups all around the world.

This gives students the chance to do research, complete internships, and study abroad in other locations.

If you are considering pursuing higher education in Ghana, the University of Cape Coast is definitely worth considering.

With its impressive rankings and strong reputation, UCC offers a supportive environment for students to achieve their academic and professional goals.


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