Full List of Courses Offered at University of Cape Coast 2024

Do you want to switch faculties, or departments or borrow a course from another college? We have a list of courses offered at University of Cape Coast including recently added courses. Find out more about UCC courses and Faculties.

List of Courses Offered at University of Cape Coast


List of Courses Offered at University of Cape Coast

The University of Cape Coast has listed the various courses and faculties within its institution online for the benefit of returning students, aspirants, and transfer students.

While you will want to search online for the recently added and accredited courses and departments, we have listed all these courses to ease your search.


This list contains programs for undergraduates and postgraduates offered in the Institution. Courses vary based on application so carefully identify which you are applying for.

College of Humanities and Legal Studies Programmes

Faculty of Arts

Code Program
01 B.A. (Arts)
02 B.A. (African Studies)
03 B.A. (Theatre Studies)
04 B. Music
06 B.A. (Film Studies)
07 B.A. (Dance)
08 B.A. (Communication Studies)
80 B.A. (Linguistics)

Faculty of Social Science

Code Program
46 B.Sc. (Tourism Management)
47 B.A. (Population & Health)
48 B.A. (Social Sciences)
51 B.Sc. (Hospitality Management)
52 B.A. (Anthropology)
56 B.Sc (Geography and Regional Planning)

School of Business Studies

Code Program
49 Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resource Management)
50 Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)
59 Bachelor of Commerce (Finance)
60 Bachelor of Commerce (Procurement & Supply Chain Management)
61 Bachelor of Commerce (Management)
66 Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing)

School of Economics

Code Program
81 Bachelor of Science (Economics)
82 Bachelor of Science (Economics with Finance)
83 Bachelor of Science (Applied Economics)
84 Bachelor of Science (Development Economics)

College of Education Studies

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences Education

Code Program
09 B.Ed (Arts)
10 B.Ed (Social Sciences) – Not for applicants with Business Electives
11 B.Ed (Social Studies)
53 B.Ed (Accounting)
12 B.Ed (Management)
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Faculty of Science & Technology Education

Code Program
13 B.Ed (Health, Physical Education and Recreation)
14 B.Ed (Science)
15 B.Ed (Mathematics)
16 B.Ed (Computer Science)
65 B.Ed (Health Sciences Education)
19 B.Ed (Home Economics)
78 B.Ed (Communication Design)
79 BFA.Ed (Fine Art Education -Painting and Sculpture)

Faculty of Educational Foundations

Code Program
17 B.Ed (Early Childhood Education)
76 B.Ed (Primary Education)
77 B.Ed (Junior High School Education)
20 B.Sc (Psychology)

College of Health and Allied Sciences

School of Medical Sciences

Code Program
44 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MB, Ch B)

School of Nursing and Midwifery

Code Program
43 B.Sc. (Nursing)
63 B.Sc. (Mental Health Nursing)
64 B.Sc. (Community Mental Health Nursing)

School of Allied Health Science

Code Program
25 B.Sc. (Biomedical Sciences)
41 Doctor of Optometry
42 B.Sc. (Medical Laboratory Technology)
67 B.Sc. (Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics)
68 B.Sc. (Physician Assistant Studies)
69 B.Sc. (Diagnostic Imaging Technology)
70 B.Sc. (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
71 B.Sc. (Health Information Management)
72 B.Sc. (Sports and Exercise Science)

College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences

School of Agriculture

Code Program
45 B.Sc. (Agriculture)
54 B.Sc. (Agricultural Extension & Community Development)
57 B.Sc. (Agro-Processing)
58 B.Sc. (.Agri-Business)
73 B.Sc. (.Animal Production) – Post-Diploma
74 B.Sc. (Agricultural Extension) – Post-Diploma

School of Biological Sciences

Code Program
21 B.Sc. (Molecular Biology and Biotechnology)
23 B.Sc. (Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences)
24 B.Sc. (Conservation Biology and Entomology)
26 B.Sc. (Biochemistry)
29 B.Sc. (Environmental Science)
75 B.Sc. (Forensic Science)

School of Physical Sciences

Code Program
22 B.Sc. (Laboratory Technology)
27 B.Sc. (Chemistry)
28 B.Sc. (Computer Science)
30 B.Sc. (Water and Sanitation)
31 B.Sc. (Industrial Chemistry)
32 B.Sc. (Mathematics)
33 B.Sc. (Statistics)
34 B.Sc. (Mathematics and Statistics)
35 B.Sc. (Mathematics with Economics)
36 B.Sc. (Mathematics with Business)
37 B.Sc. (Actuarial Science)
38 B.Sc. (Physics)
39 B.Sc. (Engineering Physics)
40 B.Sc. (Information Technology)
55 B.Sc. (Meteorology & Atmospheric Physics)
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In some cases, the University of Cape Coast programs are based on your Application Details for the institution.

However, In most cases, it is based on the UCC Placement. Please do well to check the general requirements before applying for Admissions.

UCC Payment Methods

Students pay most institutions’ school fees via the student portal, this may not be the case in this particular institution.

However, most aspirants only know of tuition fees but there are several other fees to be paid depending on your course, entry system, and other situations.

You may find fees like transcripts, resit, and congregation/graduation fees even before you start as a freshman including tuition fees.

You can only pay your UCC fees at Ghana Commercial Bank, ADB Bank, ABSA Bank, CBG Bank, Zenith Bank, and Prudential Bank.

For you to make your fee payment through any of these banks, you will fill in these details on the payment slip.

1. Index number

2. Full name

3. Course of study

4. Study Centre

UCC Tuition and Fee Cost

We have listed the UCC’s current tuition fees. For better understanding, we have arranged them in a table with the same info you will find on your student portal.

So as an aspirant, returning student, or transfer student, carefully look for your aspired or current course fees to make the right payment.

BA (Arts)             2,732.00       2,113.00                1,313.00
BA (Communication Studies)             2,782.00           2,163.00                 1,363.00
BA (African Studies)             2,832.00           2,113.00                 1,313.00
BA Theatre Studies             2,882.00           2,263.00                 1,463.00
BA Music & Dance             2,832.00           2,213.00                 1,413.00
BA Social Sciences             2,832.00           2,213.00                 1,413.00
BA Anthropology             2,832.00           2,213.00                 1,413.00
BA Geography & Regional Planning             2,832.00           2,213.00                 1,413.00
Tourism & Hospitality Mgt.             2,982.00           2,363.00                 1,563.00
Population & Health             3,062.00           2,193.00                 1,393.00
Business             2,832.00           2,213.00                 1,413.00
Bsc. Psychology             2,832.00           2,213.00                 1,413.00
Physical Sciences             3,117.00           2,498.00                 1,698.00
Biological Sciences             3,107.00           2,488.00                 1,688.00
Science-Dept. of Entomology             3,167.00           2,548.00                 1,748.00
Science-Dept. of Biochemistry             3,107.00           2,488.00                 1,688.00
Science-Dept. of Biomedical Sciences             3,187.00           2,568.00                 1,768.00
Science-Dept. of Medical Lab. Technology             3,167.00           2,548.00                 1,748.00
Dept. of Forensic Sciences             3,957.00           3,338.00                 2,538.00
B.Sc. Nursing             3,357.00           2,738.00                 1,938.00
B.Sc. Agriculture             3,157.00           2,538.00                 1,738.00
Education (Humanities)             2,962.00           2,343.00                 1,543.00
Education (Science-VOTECH)             3,197.00           2,498.00                 1,698.00
Education (Science)             3,047.00           2,428.00                 1,628.00


Education (Humanities)           2,378.00                 1,578.00
Education (Humanities-VOTEC)           2,490.00                 1,690.00
Education (Science)           2,420.00                 1,620.00

In a nutshell, you have seen the list of courses offered at the University of Cape Coast, payment methods, and tuition fees at UCC.


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