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UCC Admission Form 2023/2024

University Of Cape Coast UCC Admission form 2023/2024 is now open for prospective students who wish to apply to the University.

We are happy to inform you that the University Of Cape Coast (UCC) has finally made the long-awaited admission form available for incoming undergraduate and postgraduate students for the academic year 2023/2024.

University Of Cape Coast Admission Form


Visit www.ucc.edu.gh admission forms to learn more about the University Of Cape Coast (UCC) admission form 2023, UCC admission forms 2023/2024, UCC admission requirements for the 2023/2024 academic year, and the UCC application portal 2023.

University Of Cape Coast UCC Admission Form 2023/2024

The University Of Cape Coast (UCC ) admission form for 2023/2024 is already accessible online at www.ucc.edu.gh, all qualified applicants who meet the requirements for UCC admission can download the application form online from the portal and apply for the Course of their choice.

We would provide you with all the information regarding UCC admission forms and how to apply successfully as you require in this article.

Students must attentively go through this instruction to the finish in order to understand how to submit a UCC admission form. Read on for more information.

UCC Admission Entry Requirements 2023

Applicants must ensure that they meet all the entry requirements set by the school management before they start their application.

Moving ahead,

UCC management stated that the minimum admission requirements for applicants applying for admission into the University Of Cape Coast UCC are that they should have at least credits (A1 – C6 in WASSCE and A – D in SSSCE) in English, Core Mathematics, and Integrated Science (for Science related programmes) or Social Studies (for non-Science related programmes) and three relevant elective subjects.

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How Much is UCC Admission Form Price 2023

The management of the University Of Cape Coast states that the Cost Price of the University Of Cape Coast 2023 e-voucher for Ghanaian applicants is GH¢220 while for international applicants is FREE.

Interested candidates may download the admission forms here. Applicants must submit certified copies of all certificates with their completed application forms. The completed application form must be accompanied by proof of payment of the relevant application processing fee.

How to Apply for UCC Admission Form 2023/2024

You are recommended to follow the guidelines provided below in order to successfully submit an application for admission to the University Of Cape Coast for the 2023/2024 academic year:

Please Note that the University Of Cape Coast Admission Form 2023/2024 is in three different categories,

  1. Ghanaian Applicants WASSCE/Diploma or HND
    to Degree
  2. Ghanaians with Foreign Backgrounds
  3. Ghanaians From Abroad
N.B. An applicant who makes a false declaration or withholds relevant information may be refused admission. In the case where a student has enrolled, he/she will be withdrawn and may be prosecuted.

Any of the vendors listed below must sell an electronic voucher to candidates. Indicate with empathy whether you want to enroll in an undergraduate or graduate program.

Enter your voucher serial number and PIN to log in using the form on the right-hand side.

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Choose your entry method and kind (such as post-WASSCE/SSCE, post-diploma, mature, etc.). To begin applying, click submit.

See Also:

Provide your information on the application and include a passport photo. A.jpg,.jpeg,.png, or.gif file with a maximum file size of 100KB should be used for the applicant’s passport photo. Make sure the image you upload clearly identifies you.

You can store your application for subsequent editing by selecting SAVE AND CONTINUE LATER.

A reference number will be generated and sent to the phone number you supplied when you click the SUBMIT AND PRINT option to submit the form. When submitting the form, make sure all the information is accurate. The form cannot be modified once it has been submitted.

Keep a copy of and print your application form.

Please note that successful applicants will be selected for admission. therefore applicants can check the Admission List in a few weeks after summiting the application form.

Where to Purchase UCC Admission Application Forms 2023/2024

For applicants to pay their application fee, the University of Cape Coast, UCC, has published a list of recognized vendors. At the following locations, e-vouchers for online applications are available for purchase:

a) Cashier’s Office, University of Cape Coast (Mode of payment – CASH)

b) University of Cape Coast – Accra Office, Tesano – Accra (Mode of payment – CASH)

c) I-J Consult, Millennium City, Kasoa (Off Pentecost Convention Centre Road) (Mode of payment – CASH)

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d) Ghana Post Company Limited (Regional and District Capitals) – (Mode of payment – CASH)

e) All Network Branches of GCB Bank Nationwide

f) All Network Branches of ADB Bank Nationwide

g) All Network Branches of GT Bank Nationwide

h) All Network Branches of ARB Apex Bank Nationwide

i) All Network Branches of Republic Bank Nationwide

j) All Network Branches of Consolidated Bank Nationwide Bank

k) All Network Branches of Zenith Bank Nationwide

l) All Network Branches of Prudential Bank Nationwide

University Of Cape Coast Online Application Deadline for 2023/2024

UCC application deadlines for 2023/2024. All applicants will be informed of the University Of Cape Coast, UCC admission application deadline via their individual emails and phone numbers. As a result, you are urged to register with a real phone number and email address.

Important Information About UCC Undergraduate Admissions in 2023

The university does not accept inconsistency in names or pictures on registration slips, and those candidates may be disqualified as a result.

Applicants must use the same name on all registration documents, including their “O” or “A” Level certificates.

Applicants MUST be at least sixteen (16) years old to participate in the exercise.

Applicants who are awaiting the results of their SSCEs or an equivalent exam may still apply for admission as long as the results will be available when classes resume.


Please let us know if you have any problems while filling out the UCC admission forms in the comment box below, and we’ll get back to you right away.

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  1. Please my results is ,
    Social Studies A1
    Integrated Science B3
    Core Maths C6
    English Language C6
    Biology C6
    Chemistry D7
    Physics D7
    E-maths D7
    Pls can I offer B.sc(Fisheries and Aquatic science) in UCC

    1. Information Technology is for pure science students.. You didn’t offer pure science it will be very difficult for u to do it… Cos you will need… Physics, chemistry and e maths

  2. Please my electives are history, econs, twi and government.
    What courses can I offer in your prestigious school?

  3. Please my electives are economics, Government, Dagbani and that of IRS . Can I use it to offer economics and mathematics?

    1. 2017 wassce results.
      Please can I use this results to offer some course in your school?
      Please reply on 0551250625
      English D7
      Core maths B3
      Science B3
      Social B3
      Economics A1
      Government B2
      Elective maths C4
      Geography C4

  4. Comment: please my results are
    mathematics. C4
    English. C6
    science. E8
    social. B3
    Accounting. B3
    Economics. B3
    Business management. A1
    costing. A1
    will I get admission for this school

  5. I obtained :
    Mathematics B3
    English language B3
    Integrated science 3
    Social studies A1
    Economics A1
    Financial accounting A1
    Business Mgt A1
    Elective maths B2
    I want to offer B.sc (MATHEMATICS AND IT)
    I hope I am eligible

  6. Please can I offer mathematics with IT or mathematics and IT with this results…
    E maths A1
    C maths A1
    Econs A1
    BM B2
    Accounting B3
    Social Studies B3
    Int Science C4
    English D7… Please reply immediately

  7. Please I wanna know if u offer PA and degree nursing. And also I want to know if all the forms are out including the science courses like PA or nursing .thank u

  8. Is this site credible enough?… We’ve been posting for a long time and no reply.. Is it a joke..All we want to know is whether the undergraduate forms are out but no replies.we can not be waisting our time typing over this simple question all day long.

  9. Please can i get admission at UCC with my following grades
    Christian Religious studies A1
    Social studies B2
    French B3
    Government C4
    Economics B3
    Science C4
    English C5
    Maths D7

  10. Can l use my diploma in psychology and foundations of education certificate to apply for admission to study educational psychology as a regular student?

  11. Pls can i offer bachelor of commerce in Accounting or Management with the following wassce results?
    Accounting A1
    BM A1
    Costing A1
    Econs B2
    Social A1
    Science C4
    English C4
    Maths D7

  12. I had;
    Cost accounting A1
    Financial accounting B3
    Business mgt B2
    Economics B3
    English D7
    Social studies A1
    Int.science B3
    Core maths B3
    Pls will I gain admission to offer a degree program at the business faculty?

  13. My electives are , financial accounting, business management and elective maths .can I do accounting

  14. Please where can I get the forms,when the forms come out notify me or call my contact 0555605176 Thank you.
    My result:
    English C6
    Social studies C4
    Mathematics A1
    Science B3
    Biology B2
    Elective Maths A1
    Chemistry C6
    Physics B3

  15. Ophelia Bittor
    English C6
    Mathematics D7
    Integrated Science D7
    Social Studies B3
    Financial Accounting A1
    Cost Accounting A1
    Business Management B3
    Economics C6
    Please can i use these grades to offer Bs. Commernce management.

  16. Ophelia Bittor
    English C6
    Mathematics D7
    Integrated Science D7
    Social Studies B3
    Financial Accounting A1
    Cost Accounting A1
    Business Management B3
    Economics C6
    Please can i use these grades to offer Bs. Commernce management. Please this is my WhatsApp line 0544599285

  17. This are my result in 2013 academic year can I offer a course in your school.
    English C6
    Maths E8
    Science C5
    Social A1
    Econs C5
    Hist C4
    Geo C4
    WhatsApp me 0273517898
    Do you think the forms will be out in August or September because of the current wassce situation

  18. Please l had the following result in wassce socialB2, English D7,MathsD7, science E8, Economic B3, Accounting B3, Costing B3, Business managementc4 can l get admission to do accounting or marketing in ucc

  19. Please, how would I know if my application is been accepted or not (If I have been admitted or not)?

  20. Pls I get some of the awaiting form to buy, I just completed shs. Pls can I offer computer science or ict with my elective( government, twi, history, geography)

  21. Please can I offer consumer science or any science course with my grades.
    Science C4
    Social A1
    English C6
    Mathematics C6
    Economics B3
    Geography C5.
    Thank you…..

  22. 2020 WASSCE
    Please can i offer Physician assistantship in your school with these grades
    Int. Science B3
    English C5
    Mathematics A1
    Social studies C5
    Physics B3
    E. Math B3
    Chemistry C4
    Biology B3
    Please notify me if i can do this course….here is my number 0544793346…..
    Thank you

  23. Please I had
    English- b2
    Maths – c6
    Science c5
    Biology C
    Food b
    French c
    Mil d

    I want to offer hospitality and management
    Please will I get it

  24. Please can I get Admission Forms with the ese grade Social C6, English D7 , Maths D7 , Science C6, CRS B3 , History B3, Twi C4 and Literature F9. Please

  25. Please can I get Admission with this grade Social C6 , English D7, Maths D7 , Science C6 , CRS B3 , History B3 , Twi C4 and Literature F9

  26. Please when will 2023/2024 fresh students start schooling and when will the 2023/2024 application forms be released

  27. Please when will forms for 2023/2024 academic be out. Please alert me when they are out and please this is my results
    English – B3
    Mathematics – D7
    Science -C5
    Chemistry – C6
    Animal husbandry – C6
    Gen. Agriculture – C5. I want to offer Bachelor of education (basic educat)

  28. Please I’m Otu Love Morgan I’ve seen my name in the admission list for the sandwich program but I’ve forgotten my reference number to print my admission letter please help me

  29. Please notify me when the forms are out 0545714233
    My electives are economic, literature-in-english,Twi and Islamic studies,what course can I offer

  30. Please are UCC
    Undergraduate application forms out?

    Please notify me when they are out.
    And also add me up
    To any UCC prospective student group

  31. Can I apply for B. Ed Computer Science with this results…….
    Social Studies. A1
    Mathematics. B3
    English Lang. C4
    Int. Science. C5
    E-,Maths. C4
    Physics. C6
    Biology. C6
    Chemistry. D7

    ,@ +233553293787 ______UCC B. Ed Computer Science

  32. Please what about post graduates.please I want to apply but my diploma cert is not out yet. Please what should I do

  33. I would like to offer LLB with a 2nd class Lower division from UCC.
    Please which of the forms should I buy and how much does the form cost?

  34. Do you want all the answers concerning UCC admissions?? Contact 0278717261 to be added to ever growing group of UCC applicants for the 2023/22 academic year and get all your questions answered.

  35. Please would the 2023/2024 UCC admission form be opened again as it has been closed now?

  36. Favour debrah oluwatosin result for admission for cape coast
    English B3
    Mathematics C6
    Economics C4
    C.r.s C4
    Civic A1
    Government B2
    Marketing C4
    Biology A1
    Literature B2

  37. Favour debrah oluwatosin result for admission for cape coast
    English B3
    Mathematics C6
    Economics C4
    C.r.s C4
    Civic A1
    Government B2
    Marketing C4
    Biology A1
    Literature B2

  38. why do we have matured only when u choose undergraduate and regular at select entry?
    i cant access B.ED and B.SC.. when i choose regular

  39. Pls I hold a B.Ed ( economics n geography). Can I apply for admission into mphil in Development studies? And is there a sandwich or distance for the said program?

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