University of British Columbia Scholarships 2023

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If you’re a student aspiring to study in Canada, the University of British Columbia is just right for you. However, you might be finding it difficult getting into the university but worry no more. With the University of British Columbia Scholarships, a smoother academic experience is assured.

University of British Columbia Scholarships


This post will fill you in on the details of the three significant scholarships in the university.

About the University of British Columbia

The institution is one of the best universities in the world. It is among the top 20 best institutions.


The school is famous for its expertise in embracing innovations and transforming ideas. Furthermore, the global center is remarkable for its teaching, learning, and research. Hence, it is just the right place for you with numerous facilities and opportunities.

Top UBC Scholarships

The top scholarships in the UBC are:

  • Karen McKellin International Leader of Tomorrow Award
  • Donald A. Wehrung International Student Award
  • Vantage One Excellence Award

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Karen McKellin International Leader of Tomorrow Award

This award recognizes international undergraduate students with academic accomplishments. It honors students with leadership skills and participation in community service and student affairs.

Any undergraduate degree in the UBC is in line with this funding. There is no specific number of awards offered.



The Karen McKellin International Leader of Tomorrow covers every student’s financial need. It totals the tuition, living expenses, and other expenses before deducting the amount you and your family can provide. Hence, it thoroughly assesses the financial condition of the candidate.

You can renew the award for up to three years of undergraduate study or through the entire course. However, you must excel outstandingly in your academics. You must also maintain a Canadian study permit and show financial need.

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Here are some significant criteria for this funding:

  • Must be a student from abroad and obtain a Canada Student visa .
  • Your previous secondary or high school must be one that UBC recognizes. Students who got transferred from their first year at another university or post-secondary college are also eligible.
  • All applicants must be applying for an undergraduate degree for the first time.
  • Must not have left secondary school for so long before applying or too soon. Apply at least two years after graduating from high school.
  • Candidates must show financial needs and explain why their financial situation cannot give them the studying opportunity.
  • Must have high academic achievements and standards.
  • All applicants must meet all other requirements from the university as their degree requires. They must also meet the English Language Admission Standard of UBC.

Application Process

The application works through nomination by the individual high school of the applicants. Hence, there is no separate application process.

All applicants should confirm that their school has nominated them for the award. They should also get a reference from an academic referee.

With this, submit your application before the deadline. To get more information on the dates, visit the school’s website.

Donald A. Wehrung International Student Award

This International Student Award honors foreign students with outstanding academic performance. Moreover, it places more focus on lesser countries disturbed by war. In this way, they financially assist those facing difficulties and who can’t further their education.


The value of the award varies with the level of your financial need. It covers your tuition fees, and other living costs and expenses as the degree of study requires.

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The award is renewable for three years. However, the students must show high academic performance to qualify for this.


Every applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a candidate from abroad with a Canadian study permit to study in the country.
  • Candidates must be applying for an undergraduate degree for the first time.
  • They must come from a famous secondary school or transfer from a university in their first year.
  • Must have left high school about two years before the year of applying.
  • Must portray high academic standings with an all As degree or equivalent.
  • Every other requirement from UBC is compulsory on a general level. The requirements for their degrees must also be met, along with the English Language Admission Standard.

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Application Process

The application works with a nomination as well. Candidates should inform their high school of their interest in participating. They should also follow up and see that the school nominates them.

All candidates get a reference from an academic referee. Once everything is in place, complete your application and submit it. Do everything necessary before the deadline.

Vantage One Excellence Award

The Vantage One Excellence (VOE) Award is open for all international students who wish to study at the UBC. It honors students that show academic excellence and leadership skills. It also recognizes those who participate in community services.

To apply for VOE, ensure you have attained substantial achievements in the previous academic level. Such achievements include excellence in sports, arts, creativity, and literary contests.


The award covers the total cost of the candidate’s program, including tuition fees and living expenses. The candidate can renew the funding for three years. It can also last through the entire degree if it takes less time.

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The renewal is possible only if the candidate maintains his status as an international student in Canada. Recipients must also show financial needs and excel in their academics.


  • All candidates must be foreign students with a Canadian Student Visa.
  • They must have finished secondary school and entered their first-degree program.
  • Applicants must meet the English Language Admission requirements at UBC
  • They must also show academic excellence in their records.
  • All applicants must come in through a nomination by their current institution.
  • They must show financial need to a significant level.
  • Candidates must meet every other requirement from the UBC.

Application Process

The application works through nomination from their institution. Every interested person should inform their school of their interest for nomination.

The institutions will submit the student application package with other transcripts and supporting documents. The supporting documents include:

  • Academic references
  • Academic transcripts
  • Two essays on specific topics from the school
  • Information on the candidate’s family financial status
  • Awards of candidates from extracurricular activities
  • Other info on their financial support.

Visit the scholarship site for more application information.

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