University Courses: What You Should Know About Biomedical Engineering.

Have you been thinking of studying biomedical engineering at the university? Well, this article gives you background knowledge on everything you need to know about this course.


What Is Biomedical Engineering?

The application of engineering ideas and design concepts to medicine and biology for healthcare reasons either diagnostic or therapeutic is known as biomedical engineering (BME). BME is also known as “bioengineering,” but the term has come to refer to both BME and biological engineering.

This area aims to bridge the gap between engineering and medicine by combining engineering’s design and problem-solving talents with medical biology to advance healthcare treatment, such as diagnosis, monitoring, and therapy.

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How Long Does It Take To Study Biomedical Engineering?

It takes 4 years to study biomedical engineering at the university.

Where Can Biomedical Engineers Work?

Career opportunities for those with a degree in biomedical engineering include:

  • Clinical engineer
  • Independent consultant
  • Rehabilitation engineer
  • Biomaterials developer
  • Biomedical scientist/researcher
  • Manufacturing engineer
  • Biomechanical engineer
  • Biomedical engineering consultant

How much Does Biomedical Engineers Earn in Nigeria and Ghana?

The salary of those with a degree in biomedical engineering in Nigeria ranges from 148,000 to 436,000 naira monthly

In Ghana, those with a degree in biomedical engineering earn around 4,030GHS monthly.


Which School Can Biomedical Engineering Be Studied?

  • University of Illorin
  • University of Ghana
  • Achievers university
  • KNUST college of engineering
  • University of Lagos
  • Valley View University
  • Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti
  • Ghana Institution of engineering
  • Bells University of Technology, Ota
  • UCC School of medical sciences

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