University Courses That Have Outlived Their purpose But Still Study In University Should Be Erased – Adutwum

The Minister for Education, Dr Yaw Adutwum, has said some courses being run in the various universities across the country do not serve their purpose.

According to the Minister, though such courses were designed to prepare students for the job market, such jobs do not exist while the courses are still being taught.


Dr Adutwum intimated that those courses that have outlived their essence but are still being taught in the universities, account for the rate of unemployment in the country.



“So many students have been enrolled in Diploma in Education, they are being trained for jobs that do not exist. Thousands and thousands are graduating for jobs that do not exist,” Dr Adutwum stated.

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He added: “Invariably, we have BA in Education and it is supposed to prepare students for non-teaching jobs. What type of non-teaching jobs are you preparing students in BA Education for? They don’t exist, but the degree programme exists.”



Speaking at the 74th New Year School at the University of Ghana, Legon, on Wednesday, 18 January 2023, the Minister denied assertions that government has not equipped the various schools with the learning equipment they need.


He revealed that to prepare students for the job market while equipping them with relevant skills, government has invested in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

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Dr Adutwum said: “The new science labs we are building at Wesley Girls, at St James, at St Louis at various schools across the country, you haven’t seen it? So invariably we hear people say there are so many problems but the opportunities are boundless.”

He stressed that government is working to improve the educational sector in the country.


“Great things are happening across the length and breadth of this country so those of us who are having your children (admitted to SHS) they are going to walk into science labs that they have never seen before,” he said.


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