United States South Pacific Scholarship Program in 2024

There’s no point wasting time applying for sentimental scholarship schemes. Academic and funding considerations are better with the United States South Pacific Scholarship. It’s time you give them a try and leave the queue of unsuccessful applicants.

United States South Pacific Scholarship


United States South Pacific Scholarship

The U.S. Department of State offers scholarships under the U.S. South Pacific Scholarship Program (USSP), which is merit-based.


It provides chances to pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa (UHM). However, it has some restrictions on applicant origin.

Participation in host family and volunteer service initiatives, and also potential summer internships, are all part of the program.

Through the East-West Center (EWC), qualified applicants from particular South Pacific nations can submit their applications.

How to Apply 

Searching for the official website of the scholarship program is important and accessing their homepage is how to start.


However, you will have to create an account or log in if you already have an account to explore the scholarship dashboard. This is how to start your application process.

1. After accessing your dashboard or the site’s official homepage, you will see the “Apply” button at the top extreme right, click on it.

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2. The application portal displays several scholarship programs and their current status, you can choose from the options whichever you desire or that suits your field of study.


3. When you choose a program, more details about the program come up, read carefully and click the application button on the right top of the page.

4. Fill in the necessary required info correctly and await a mail after your registration is successful.

Eligible Countries

We initially highlighted that this application isn’t open to all countries however, the name of the scholarship program already insinuated that.

Candidates from the following countries, who meet specific selection criteria, are eligible for the program:

1. Cook Islands.

2. Fiji.

3. Kiribati.

4. Nauru.

5. Niue.

6. Papua New Guinea.

7. Samoa.

8. Solomon Islands.

9. Tonga.

10. Tuvalu.

11. Vanuatu.

Selections are made with input from U.S. Embassies in these countries.

A U.S.-based academic committee including Pacific Islands and other specialists from the East-West Center and the University of Hawai‘i system will review these applicants.

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A representative of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, and a Pacific Islands student representative.

Eligibility for Scholarship

For Bachelor’s Scholarship

1. Applicants must have completed secondary school by the deadline for submitting a university application for admission to their undergraduate program.

In some countries, this means having completed “Form 6.”

2. In other countries, this may mean having completed “Grade 12”.

Individuals who have completed some undergraduate-level courses but have not obtained the equivalent of a U.S. four-year bachelor’s degree are also eligible and strongly encouraged to apply.

For Master’s Scholarship

1. Applicants must have completed at least a three-year baccalaureate program.

Those with a three-year Bachelor’s degree may apply for a bridging program of up to one year, which upon completion allows for application to a master’s degree program.

2. Master’s programs may not require a bridging component, depending on prior study and academic performance during the first year.

The USSP program does not generally permit direct application and admission to a graduate degree program.

3. Those who currently possess both a bachelor’s degree and a post-graduate diploma or honors degree, or will have earned a post-graduate diploma or honors degree before the scholarship’s August start date, are strongly encouraged to apply.

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4. Preference is given to candidates without recent extensive U.S. experience to provide educational exchange opportunities to those who haven’t had them before.

5. Preference may also be given to candidates with limited study opportunities outside the Pacific Islands region to ensure equitable access to educational exchange opportunities.

Note: Dual citizens with US citizenship, US non-citizen nationals, and US permanent residents are ineligible for USSP. Recipients must meet J-1 visa program requirements.

Selection Criteria

The scholarship selection committee, including Pacific Islands specialists, evaluates applicants based on academic merit, leadership potential, community service, cross-cultural knowledge, and more.

Preference is given to candidates with limited international study experience.

Awards will be announced by April 1, and the application deadline is February 1 annually. You can always check the official website for application forms and guidelines.

Finally, the conditions for applying for this program are simple but being a resident of the under-listed counties gives you the biggest opportunity.


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