United Nations Children’s Fund Recruitment 2023: Application Portal

The UNICEF United Nations Children’s Fund recruitment for the years 2023 and 2024 is currently underway. This comprehensive guide not only outlines the application process but also provides invaluable information to ensure a successful application. Explore the latest UNICEF job openings presented below.

United Nations Children’s Fund Recruitment 2023 Application Portal


United Nations Children’s Fund 

For those embarking on their professional journey or aiming to elevate their careers, we provide exhilarating avenues for growth. UNICEF is resolutely committed to fostering inclusion and diversity within its workforce.

However, UNICEF earnestly encourages qualified individuals, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religious affiliation, nationality, or disability status, to consider becoming a part of our esteemed organization.


Opportunities abound across our key functional domains. Explore the official recruitment portal to identify where your talents can find their true calling.

At UNICEF, our prime objective is to attract and retain exceptional talent armed with the skills and dedication necessary to realize UNICEF’s vision.

UNICEF Recruitment

If you believe you possess the qualities necessary for this role, then maintain your focus as we guide you through the process of acquiring this position.

The information presented on this web page encompasses everything you require for a successful recruitment journey.


Delve into the details of this year’s recruitment process, encompassing prerequisites, academic qualifications, and effective application strategies.

This opportunity can serve as a pivotal stepping stone toward realizing your ambitions.

Application Rewards

Reap the rewards of a fulfilling career laden with diverse and thrilling professional and personal development prospects.

Your role could tangibly transform the lives of countless children. If you’re a dedicated, innovative professional passionate about securing a lasting positive impact for Nigerian children, you stand a single step away from meaningful employment, infusing purpose into your life.

Requirements for UNICEF Recruitment 

Aspiring candidates aiming for UNICEF recruitment must fulfill these conditions:

1. Exhibit good behavior and composure.

2. Express readiness to adapt to a new work environment.

3. Possess physical and mental fitness.

4. Hold an advanced degree in relevant fields.

5. Showcase the ability to make timely, quality judgments and decisions.

6. Display proficient communication and interpersonal skills.

7. Knowledge of an additional official UN language or local dialect is advantageous.

8. Cultivate strong teamwork capabilities.

9. Willingly engage in travel to remote regions within the country.

10. Proficiency in computer literacy is advantageous.

How to Apply for UNICEF Recruitment

To initiate your application process, adhere to the following steps:

1. Access the official recruitment portal at jobs and navigate job listings by Location, Contract Type, Functional Area, or Position Level.

2. Thoroughly comprehend the job description.

3. Select ‘Apply Now.’

4. Provide your Email Address (Use the same address if you’ve previously applied to UNICEF positions for quicker processing. You can update your Email address at the beginning of your application.)

5. Accept the ‘Terms and Conditions.’

6. Complete the prescribed application form without incurring any charges.

7. If successful, expect to receive notification via Email.

UNICEF Recruitment Update 2023

1. Regularly visit this website to remain updated about United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund recruitment developments.

2. For convenience, bookmark or save this page and refresh it periodically to stay informed about potential changes.

Important Information:

1. Submit only ONE application to prevent disqualification.

2. Avoid individuals claiming they can secure this job for a fee.

3. UNICEF’s recruitment process is free of charge.

4. Please note that unsolicited CVs are not accepted for employment by UNICEF.

Finally, take the opportunity for impactful change with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Recruitment 2023.

Hence, navigate to the application portal and unlock your potential for a meaningful and transformative journey.


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