Umma University Student Portal – Sign Up and Login

To initiate any academic endeavors, having an Umma University Student Portal is very important. All student should sign up for an account they will be using for their academic activities. learn how to sign up and log in to your student portal.

Umma University Student Portal


Umma University Student Portal

The Umma University Student Portal serves as a digital platform where students can engage in various educational activities, including accessing their results.

Links for the Umma University Student Portal, Umma University Application Portal, and related portals are provided below.


The Umma University Students Portal, encompassing the UU Portal, facilitates the registration process for both new and returning students.

This online portal, curated by UU, caters to current and prospective students, offering a user-friendly platform for tasks such as application submissions, course exploration, admission status checks, result inquiries, and more.

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How to Sign Up for Umma University Student Portal

1. Visit the Umma University student portal.

2. Click on the “Sign Up” button to initiate your UU Student Portal registration.


3. Fill in your last name, optional middle name, given name, email, and confirm email in the provided fields.

4. Create a strong password with a mix of characters, and confirm it by re-entering.

5. Review your information, then click the sign-up or submit button to complete the registration.

6. Check your email for a verification message and click the provided link to activate your account.

7. Return to the login page, enter your email and password, and access your UU Student Portal account.

8. Optionally, enhance security by changing your password in the account settings or profile section.

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How to Login to the Umma University Student Portal

1. Start by visiting the Student portal

2. Enter your Student ID or Registration Number, ensuring it’s in full with the format ../2010 for the year of registration.

3. Use either your National ID, Passport Number, Mobile Number, or Telephone Number (without spaces) as your initial password.

4. Note: Distinguish between digits and letters in your Student ID/Reg. Number, with zero (0) being a digit, not the letter ‘O,’ and the letter ‘I’ being distinct from digit 1 (One).

5. Log in by inputting your Student ID/Reg. Number and the initially provided password, adhering to the specified format and character distinctions.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully signed up for the UU Student Portal.

What Courses Does Umma University Offer?

The courses are as follows:

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Bachelor’s Degrees

1. Islamic Studies

2. Business Management

3. Education (Arts)

4. Nursing – Upgrading

5. Islamic Sharia

6. Computer Science

7. Nursing

8. Commerce


1. Arabic and Islamic Studies

2. Business Management

3. Information Communication Technology

4. Supply Chain Management


1. Arabic and Islamic Studies

2. Human Resource Management

3. Business Management

4. Information Communication Technology

5. Islamic Banking and Finance

6. Supply Chain Management

Other Programs

1. Introduction to Moodle

2. Computer Science – DVC Course Profile Assignment

Master’s Degrees

1. Master of Arts in Islamic Studies

2. A Master of Business Administration

Now, you have the keys to unlock a world of academic resources, communication tools, and essential features tailored to enhance your UU experience. Dive in and make the most of your educational journey!


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