UMaT Admissions Portal: How to Apply and Get Admission

Applying to the University of Mines and Technology (UMaT) has never been easier. Learn how to use the UMaT Admissions Portal to submit your application and secure your spot in this prestigious institution.

UMaT Admissions Portal


UMaT Admissions Portal

The University of Mines and Technology (UMaT), a notable postsecondary university in Ghana, offers a range of academic degrees in engineering, science, and technology.

Thousands of students seek for admission to UMaT each year to follow their goals from all over the nation and beyond. This article is for you if you belong to this group of students.


We will guide you through the UMaT Admissions Portal and show you how to apply and get admission to UMaT.

UMaT Admissions Portal is an online platform that allows prospective students to submit their applications for admission into UMaT. The portal is user-friendly and provides a simple, convenient, and secure way to apply to UMaT.

You can submit your application through the UMaT Admissions Portal at any time and from any location in the world without going to the UMaT campus in person.

How to Access the UMaT Admissions Portal

1. To access the UMaT Admissions Portal, you’ll need to visit the official UMaT website.


2. Depending on the level of study you are interested in, click the “Admissions” button and choose “Undergraduate Admissions” or “Postgraduate Admissions” when you get there.

3. From there, you’ll be directed to the UMaT Admissions Portal, where you can start your application.

How to Apply on the Admission Portal

Follow the process below;

For Ghanaian Students

1. It is encouraged that Ghanaian applicants buy the admission e-voucher from authorized retailers, like as Post Offices, Stanbic Bank, Ecobank, Cal Bank, GCB Bank, Zenith Bank, Fidelity Bank, Access Bank, and UBA in all Regional, Municipal, and District Capitals.

2. Applicants should sign in to the admission application portal after acquiring the e-voucher.

3. Then enter the serial number and pin code on the purchased e-voucher into the appropriate box.

4. Click log in to start your application.

5. Follow the instructions given and make sure to enter the correct details.

6. Then submit your application.

For International Students

1. It is recommended that all non-Ghanaian candidates ask for login information using a format for a legitimate mobile number. As an illustration, 00234 becomes 234.

2. The candidate will get a Serial Number and Personal Identification Number through text message and email after submitting a successful request, which will give them access to the online admission system.

3. To complete the online application, all overseas candidates should utilize the login information that was generated for them and sent to them through SMS and email.

4. The applicant must print the summary of the finished application after completing it online and sign all required fields.

Application Requirements

The UMaT Admissions Portal provides a list of application requirements for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

You must have a minimum of six WASSCE/SSSCE credits, including English, Mathematics, and Science, to be eligible for undergraduate programs.

You’ll also need to have passed three other relevant subjects. For postgraduate programs, you’ll need a first degree from a recognized institution and meet other program-specific requirements.


The UMaT Admissions Portal provides important deadlines for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

The application deadline for undergraduate programs is typically in June, although the deadline for postgraduate studies varies by program. It’s vital to remember that submissions received after the deadline might not be accepted.

What Happens After Applying to UMaT Admissions Portal?

After submitting your application on the Admissions Portal, it will be reviewed by the admissions committee.

You will receive an invitation to an interview and/or admission exam if your application satisfies the minimal requirements for the program you apply for. If you pass the interview and/or entrance examination, you will be offered admission into UMaT.

The UMaT Admissions Portal offers prospective students a simple and safe way to apply for admission to UMaT.

You may quickly submit your application and reserve your seat in this prominent college by following the instructions provided here.

Please feel free to get help from the UMaT admissions office if you have any queries or concerns. We wish your application the very best of luck!


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