UDS Accommodation Fees

We bring you the University for Development Studies (UDS) hostel fee, Accommodation Fees as released by the management.

Nyankpala Campus:
Union Hall (Males) 200 beds
Jeddah Block (Both males and Females) 274 beds
Nyankpala Hall (Females) 152 beds
Ghana Hostel (Both males and females) 120 beds

Tamale Campus
Sagnarigu  (Males and Females) 200 beds
GUSSS Hostel (Males and Females) 726 beds 

Q. Who can we contact for further information on the campuses?

A. Table 1 below will provide people you can contact for further information.

Table 1: Contacts of officers who have information on our halls/hostel

Designation Contact
Nyankpala campus
Female Hall Tutor 0244649270
Male and mixed hall SHT 0244533268
Hall Master 0208114382/ 0248334489
Administrator 0546819758
Vice Dean of Students. 0244959690
SRC president 0557300759
JCR of Jeddah 0554560989
JCR of Ladies Hall 0241093171
JCR of Union 0553451938
Tamale Campus
Sagnarigu Hall SHT 0540254975/0262919842
Clinical Hostel SHT 0246481086/0501598059
GUSS Hostel Manager 0242809767
Vice Dean of Students 0200516610
SRC president 0247823153
SRC PRO 0240130711
JCR of Sagnarigu 0546849251
JCR of GUSSS 0550782947
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Table 2: The Residential Facility User Fees at the campuses for 2019/2020 Academic year. The traditional halls have maintained the same rate for the past 4 years.



Campus/Halls/Hostel Fees (GHS)
Nyankpala Campus
Jeddah 900.00
Union 650.00
Nyankpala 550.00
Graduate Hostel 900.00
Tamale Campus
Sagnarigu 1000.00
Clinical Hostel 750.00
GUSSS Hostel
Type A: 2 in 1 2500.00
Type B: 3 in 1 2000.00
Type C:4 in 1 1500.00

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