UDS Admission Portal Login

Ucm.uds.edu.gh Student Portal Login | UDS E-learning Portal

You must be aware of and log into the ucm.uds.edu.gh Student Portal Login if you are a student at the University for Development Studies.

Ucm.uds.edu.gh Student Portal Login

Ucm.uds.edu.gh Student Portal Login

This online platform, in this sense, is a tool created to gather thorough data on all university students.

The institution may also access pertinent data on all of its former students using this online portal.

Keep reading this article to find out all there is to know about the ucm.uds.edu.gh student portal login as well as useful tips for the use of the portal.

What’s UDS Student Portal?

A login website that offers assistance to the student in carrying out certain academic tasks is the University for Development Studies (UDS) Student Portal.

Students can enter a username and password here to access the programs and other educational resources of an educational organization.

Both new and returning students can easily complete specific academic tasks through the University for Development Studies, UDS Student Portal.


Who Can Use the UDS Student Portal?

They have created the UDS student portal in a way that is user-friendly and improves user experience. The following set of people can have access to the UDS student portal.

▸ Prospective students

▸ First-year students

▸ Continuing/Returning Students

University for Development Studies, UDS E-learning Portal

The University for Development Studies works to enhance its students’ learning experiences. Using a Learning Management System would therefore make it simple for students to attend lectures online, get lecture notes, and turn in assignments wherever they are.

This online learning environment was created to assist professors at the University for Development Studies in posting their courses and course materials online so that students may access them for future academic work.

In the upcoming days, I will make several quick video tutorials accessible to aid our lecturers in submitting their courses.


How to Access/Login to the UDS Student Portal

1. Open your internet browser e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

2. Kindly visit the UDS student portal link as shown below.

3. Enter your User ID as your Student Number and your Password as National ID (default or whatever you change it to)

4. Upon successful login, you will be directed to your homepage.

5. Click the items as shown on your homepage or dashboard to monitor both your academic and fee payment progression at any point in time.

Ucm.uds.edu.gh Student Portal Login

How to Recover Your UDS Student Portal Forgotten Password?

To reset your password, submit your username or your email address. If you are found in the database, an email will be sent to your email address, with instructions on how to get access again.

UDS Student Portal Login Address:

UDS Old Student Portal: https://mis.uds.edu.gh

UDS Student Campus Manager:

UDS New Student Portal: https://ucm.uds.edu.gh

Recover Your Forgotten Password or User ID

To reset and recover your Student Portal password or login ID, you have to

▸ Click the forgot password/username link below the login form,

▸ Then enter your username or your email address in the required field.

▸ If your account is found in the database of the school, then an email will be sent to your email address with instructions on how to regain access.

You can do the following when you sign in to the University for Development Studies Student Portal:

1. Manage your enrolment in the University

2. Access your Email

3. View your academic records

4. Change your personal information details

5. View student announcements


UDS Ghana Trimester registration process

At the beginning of each trimester, complete the following procedures to enroll in any units:

Login: Enter your Student ID and Email then tap the “Sign in” button.

Check courses: Ascertain whether you have any units to register for by clicking on the said option.

Choose course registration: This will start the process. You will first be taken to the trails and deferred units page. If you are new, click on Next to proceed. For continuing students, check if you have any disciplines in the fields.

Follow prompts: On the next page, choose all the necessary and find out whether you can meet the total credit hours needed.

How to Protect Your UDS Portal from Scammers

No doubt there are a lot of scammers out there and sometimes we have fallen victims. Follow this guide to protect your portal from fraudulent activities by scammers.

▸ Brainstorm a shortlist of passwords that you will remember

▸ Never use a social security number as a Password This is because Hackers have become experts at decrypting social security numbers.

▸ It is advisable to use a password with a mix of at least six mixed-case alphabetic characters.

▸ Avoid using easy-to-identify – and therefore easy-to-hack

▸ You may also choose to change your password regularly for security reasons

UDS Student Portal App Download

There are various situations where we need the UDS student portal app for easier convenience. Below is a guide to ensure a smooth download.

Allow background data: If you are using an android phone and your source of internet is mobile data, you should make sure you adhere to this step.

Launch apps store: On Android, use the Google Play Store. On iOS, the Apple Store should be applied.

Search for the application: To locate the UDS student app, just conduct a quick search. From the results, click on its icon and move to the next step.

Install it: On Android, tap on the green installation button. On the iPhone, click on the get button and authenticate the download.

We hope this article on ucm.uds.edu.gh student portal login has given you the assistance needed. Please endeavor to share this article with family, friends, and colleagues.

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