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Do you want to learn more about the U of M Health Portal? We provide 24/7 simple access to our patients’ confidential health information over a secure internet gateway.

U of M Health Portal


About the U of M Health Portal

You may easily manage your health information online with the help of the MyUofMHealth patient portal. When you connect to the portal, you have access to your medical care whenever and wherever suits you—24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Uses of the Portal

1. Request appointments.


2. Pay your bill.

3. Message your care team.

4. Request prescription refills.

5. View parts of your health records.


How to Access the MyUofMHealth Patient Portal

1. Visit MyUofMHealth Patient Portal online to register for or login, or

2. Download the MyUofMHealth Patient Portal mobile app

3. Sign up for a MyUofMHealth Patient Portal account if you don’t already have one.

4. Download the MyUofMHealth Patient Portal mobile app to your smartphone or tablet from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Are you a Student Coming to Campus?

To set up (register for) a portal account:

1. Please email UHS-HIM-Registration. Please include your UMID number, date of birth and a local address.

2. Students are encouraged to register for the patient portal as soon as possible. If possible, register before beginning of Fall semester.

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The portal offers many features for patients at University Health Service, including the ability to self-schedule testing appointments for COVID-19 and to easily get test results.


For all others:

1. You must be registered as a patient in the UHS electronic health record (MiChart) in order to create a portal account.

2. If you plan to visit UHS in person, or if you recently visited: Follow instructions printed for you at check-out. Create your account within 30 days after receiving instructions.

3. If you have not recently (or ever) visited UHS: After registration, you will receive an email from Michigan Medicine that includes a unique link and activation code (UHS and Michigan Medicine share our electronic health record). Create your account within 24 hours after receiving this email.

If you miss these opportunities:

1. Get your medical record number (MRN) and activation code by calling the Patient Portal Help Desk at 734-615-0872 (7:30 am – 4 pm).

2. Then create your account at by clicking the blue “Sign Up Now” button.

To restore your account

1. If you forgot your username or password, go to and click the Forgot Username? or Forgot Password? links. To submit a request, you will need your medical record number (MRN), which you can get by calling the Patient Portal Help Desk at 734-615-0872 (7:30 am – 4 pm).

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To get Help

If you have other problems with portal access, call the Patient Portal Help Desk at 734-615-0872 (7:30 am – 4 pm).

What are the basic features of a patient portal?

A robust patient portal should include the following features:

1. Clinical summaries.

2. Secure (HIPAA-compliant) messaging.

3. Online bill pay.

4. New patient registration.

5. Ability to update demographic information.

6. Prescription renewals and contact lens ordering.

7. Appointment requests.

8. Appointment reminders.


What can be Some Applications of EHR for Patient Use?

Clinical care applications and functions, financial functions, clinical research functions, reporting functions, and administrative purposes are some of the current roles and applications of EHR in the healthcare system.

Why aren’t Patients allowed to see their Medical Charts?

According to HIPAA, a treating practitioner may refuse a patient access if the data are “psychotherapy notes,” as defined by law, are part of a consented, ongoing research project, a forensic evaluation, or jeopardize the confidentiality of another person.

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Can Doctors look at other Patient Records?

Doctors and their employees are typically required by medical ethics regulations, state legislation, and the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to keep patient medical records private unless the patient authorizes the doctor’s office to reveal them.

Can you ask a Hospital to delete your Medical Records?

Your medical records’ data will be stored for 20 years. Your doctor or a healthcare facility will remove the information from your records when that time has passed. You can ask a physician or healthcare facility to erase your information sooner, though.

Can a Hospital destroy Medical Records?

Hospitals do really trash patient records. Most hospitals use third-party records management companies to destroy their medical records in a HIPAA-compliant manner rather than investing in all the equipment.

How Can I make changes to my Medical Record?

Ask the hospital or your payer whether they have a form that must be completed in order to change your medical records. If so, ask them to send you a copy via email, fax, or mail.

We hope you now understand how the U of M Health Portal works and also how to access the portal. If this information was helpful to you, kindly share this article with friends and family who need it.


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