Types Of International Passport In Nigeria


Have you been wondering how to get an International Passport in Nigeria2023 and the cost to get it? let’s share some ideas with you, so read on…


What is a Nigerian international Passport?


The Nigerian international passport is a stamped or certified travel document made just like a diary and mainly issued by the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) for immigration purposes.

The NIN is the one in charge of the approval and distribution of the Nigerian passport to individuals that are citizens of Nigeria, they are the executive arms that oversee everything immigration-wise.

When you plan to travel out of the country either for the purpose of doing business, study, vacation, leisure, and other purposes then you can apply for a Nigerian International Passport which is usually a 32-page document made for leisure travelers or that of 64 pages that are made for business travelers, the 64 pages international passport is advisable as you can save yourself some time for frequent renewals.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, we have two types of international passports in Nigeria: The Standard and the official passport. You should know that the Nigerian Immigration Services will only issue you an electronic passport when you are a new applicant. The standard e-passport (green cover) is issued to all Nigerian citizens, while the official e-passports (blue cover) are exclusively issued to government officials like the commissioners and the Nigerian diplomats for smooth travel.


To further clarify this, we have two types of standard passport in Nigeria which is the most common of all, the 32-page international passport and also the 64 pages passport. Let us break it down for you;


1. 32-page International Passport

This is the most common form of international passport in the country, the reason why this is so common is because of its price, it is cheaper than that 64 pages, while it is cheaper, you should be aware that this has a validity of 5 years before you will be expected to renew it.

A 32-page international passport is the most common passport form in the country. This is because it is cheaper than its associate, the 64-page passport. The 32-page international passport has only 32 pages and is valid for 5 years.

Mind you, the majority of those that apply for the 32-page Nigerian passport do that as an alternative to an international ID and are not actually used for immigration though some use it for what it was actually made for they are few.


2. 64-page International Passport

The 64-page International Nigerian passport has a validity of up to 10 years and it has 64 pages of which when exhausted you will be required to renew it. This is the type of passport most Nigerians use for traveling because it takes a long time before there will be the need to renew it and also it is more suitable for business purposes. It can be used for leisure, study, or business travel.


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