Travel insurance

Truly, we know life on its own is risky, and doing just about anything in life can be termed a “risky business”, however, still inside this life, we’ve found a way to proffer solutions to some of these risks in form of insurances, and travel insurance is part of that solution.

Travel insurance


Except you do not know where to look, risk management and coverage plans have become quite a part of how people live their lives. All it takes is to buy one and get a cover. Now, before we talk about travel insurance properly, we should first, explain the term insurance and what it stands for.

What is insurance?

Literally, insurance is another way of defining coverage from potential loss. When you have insurance in place, it drastically reduces the weight of the damage or loss on you. That is, in the wake of an unfavorable situation. As always, insurance is very beneficial and generally saves one from unnecessary financial stress and headache. People that have insurance do not always worry a lot about things that are under insurance coverage.


And, you get to buy your insurance according to the package that suits your desire. So, once you have your insurance, you are insured or covered for the reason why you bought it.

Interestingly, there are companies in charge of this insurance we talk about. These companies are called insurance companies and sell to interested buyers. So, for everything you want to insure, there is an insurance company specifically designed to sell insurance for that need.

Types of insurance

Moving forward, there are lots of things we can insure these days. The idea of protecting ourselves and our properties from unseen disasters or loss has led people into having different kinds of insurance for different things. For what it’s worth, these are some of the coverage that you can buy

  • House insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Health care insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Travel insurance

But with respect to this article, we’ll throw more light on travel insurance.


What is Travel Insurance

Just like we’ve already stated, insurance is a way of protecting yourself or your property from unexpected loss, damage, or disaster.

For more clarity, travel insurance is that type of insurance that covers the costs of travel and the losses that might come out of the travel. Well, it does not matter if you are traveling abroad or within the country.

Just like others, travel insurance also comes in different packages. It all depends on the one you went for. Most times, some travel packages include personal property loss or damage.

Another might include all that plus emergency services or trip interruption, travel accidents, and medical coverage. But majority of the time, most travel insurance package has medical coverage, trip cancellation, personal property coverage, and accidents coverage.

So, just to be more in tune with everything about travel insurance, let’s explain the contents of that insurance package.

Travel insurance medical coverage

Before you begin your trip or set out to purchase your travel insurance, you must put your health into consideration. That means your package must include medical coverage.

It does not matter if you left the house healthy, the medical coverage is for unforeseen situations. This will give you access to medical facilities and doctors for treatment without dipping your hands into your travel money. And I bet you, you do not want to fall sick in a foreign land and equally go broke while treating yourself.

Additionally, medical coverage has two types. The short-term medical plan and the long-term medical plan.

Short-term plans take care of your medical bills for a short period. That is, the plan might not last for more than a year. Meanwhile, the long-term medical coverage plan is for people that will stay for a long period of time in their travel destination.

Also, ask your insurance provider if your medical plan works outside your country of residence.

Trip cancellation coverage

First and foremost, a lot of things can go wrong after planning your trip. Trip cancellation coverage gives you the opportunity to receive back the amount you spent on your flight.

However, your insurance provider will let you know on what grounds you are permitted a refund. Most times, you will get a refund for your trip if you canceled because you became really ill, had bad weather, or the demise of a family member. If your flight ticket is non-refundable, your provider will do the needful.

Travel accidents coverage

This plan covers you while you are in transit already. Any accident that occurs from the trip or even loss of life, the coverage will pay your beneficiaries. While this is true, accidents that occur as a result of offenses like a drug overdose or drinking while driving will not be considered.

Personal property coverage

Personal belongings coverage can also be included in your travel insurance. Then again, the airline you use for your travel can take responsibility in the wake of property loss, stolen, or damaged.

So, if you encounter property loss or damage while traveling, your airline company owes you an explanation and a refund. In rare cases where you do not get a tangible reaction from them, your travel insurance coverage takes care of your loos.

What to consider while buying a travel insurance

In summary, travel insurance is just a wise decision for anyone traveling. It’s no news that circumstances beyond one’s control often come up after a perfect plan. So, to manage the risk that comes with such circumstances, travel insurance is always your best bet.

Furthermore, travel insurance companies are all around and ready to assist you to get a better plan for your travel. You might also want to talk extensively with different provider companies and consider which one has a more favorable plan for you.

This is because different companies have their unique travel insurance coverage policy. While you also consider these companies, you should put your type of travel and the duration into consideration too. Your travel goals and duration will guide your decision on the type of travel insurance package you must buy.


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