Top African American Scholarships in 2023

Are you a student looking for Scholarships or funds to carry on your educational needs? If yes, The Top Top African American Scholarships is available for various course levels and the scholarship is offered by different universities and colleges.

Top African American Scholarships


The Top Top African American Scholarships and grants are for both local and international students. So interested students should start now and search for the courses that suit them.

Applications for Top Top African American Scholarships are now open. Just take your time and go through this post, as this article has arranged every detail you need and listed the top Nursing scholarships for national and international students.

How to Apply for Top Top African American Scholarships

Here are some brief descriptions of the top Top Top African American Scholarships.

Scholarships for African American students

1. Dr. Gussie M. Ware Memorial Scholarship

A candidate for this scholarship should be an African-American female who has graduated from high school and wants to start her post-secondary university or college education for the first time. Her current GPA should be not less than 2.5. Or a person needs to be enrolled in college already and their current address is Winnebago County. The possible relation to Dr. Gussie M. Ware is also a priority and favorable condition. The graduating college students are not eligible for this grant.

The amount of the scholarship may vary.

2. EPP Undergraduate Scholarship Program

This scholarship is meant for the second-year students of the four-year university course or the third-year students who undertake the five-year academic program in the minority-serving institutions. They should major in environmental, atmospheric, or oceanic fields or declare them their future major. All these disciplines should relate to NOAA’s programs.

A minimum GPA of 3.2 is required. The amount of costs available for this program is $45,000. All the applicants should be US citizens.

3. Fontana Transport Inc Scholars Program

The amount of costs for the program is $5,000. It is meant for low-income college-bound students who are from first-generation and underrepresented backgrounds. They should desire to obtain a full-time undergraduate degree majoring in architecture, maths, engineering, transportation, or science. Such disciplines as PreMed education, environmental design, or psychology are also included in this list, as well as Spanish language and literature studies.

The applicants do not have to be US citizens only, but their minimum GPA needs to be 3.5. They are to be enrolled in college programs that begin from the autumn semester.

4. George A. Strait Minority Scholarship

The amount of this scholarship varies. The applicant should belong to one of the minority groups defined by the federal US governmental guidelines. The candidates need to be college students at the library or law school who are going to continue with their career in the field of law librarianship. The candidate needs to provide evidence of their financial needs.

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5. Girls Who Illustrate Awesomeness Scholarships

The amount of these scholarships is $750. The applicant needs to be a young woman of color who is currently a freshperson in college or university or is planning to start the course in the spring semester. They should provide proof of their consistent work for changing the world. Gender non-confirming individuals can also apply.

The minimum GPA required here is 3.0. An applicant should provide a 5-minute video or 500-word essay to explain their ambitions and priorities in life and studies. The topic ‘Who you are and how you want to change the world’ is a great option for expressing their personality and proving that they deserve this scholarship to proceed with their studies.

6. GRCF Hackett Family Scholarship

The amount of this scholarship may vary. Applicants need to be senior students or graduates at any public high school in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They should be planning to enroll in the undergraduate program of a skilled trade school or accredited college/university. The women of color are given preference to.

The amount of this scholarship varies. A candidate for it needs to be an individual of color attending an accredited program in paralegal or legal secretarial academic studies. An applicant should provide proof of their financial needs. All of them should also be residents of Michigan.

8. Dr. Barbara Odom-Wesley Spirit of Achievement Scholarship

The amount of this scholarship is $3,000. A candidate should be an African-American female who is a high school senior and take classes in cosmetology, trade, or technical schools located in the Tarrant County area. The minimum GPA of the applicant should be 2.5. The costs from this scholarship should be applied to a two-year or four-year college or university academic program.

9. Dr. Wynetta A. Frazier ‘Sister to Sister’ Scholarship

The amount of this scholarship is $500. This program is meant for mature African-American females who want to continue with their post-secondary education. The preference is given to those candidates who had to interrupt their education due to some family responsibilities or individual circumstances and now want to complete the college course. Or an applicant may want to enter any college program for the first time after certain family issues and obstacles have been overcome. The candidates should be over 21 years old.

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10. Era L. and Frances L. Walker Scholarship

The amount of this scholarship varies. The program is aimed at African-American males who want to obtain their higher education. The minimum GPA should be 2.9. An applicant needs to be a graduate or senior student at a Rockford public high school and actively participate in volunteering and community services. They should also share and follow Era’s values.

11. FTE Fellowships for Doctoral Students of African Descent

The amount of this scholarship varies. The program is meant for doctoral students who have already finished their coursework stage for obtaining their Th.D. or Ph.D. They should major in theological studies, religion, or biblical studies. They also need to complete the coursework before the start of their fellowship year. A candidate who is going to write a dissertation should be able to work with it full-time during the whole fellowship year.

12. George Scott Jr. Memorial Scholarship

The program is meant for those students who want to attend courses at Texas Technological University. The amount of the scholarship varies. The preferred candidate is an African American who is academically motivated, originates from Lubbock, Texas, and is going to attend some academic program at Texas Tech University.

13. GRCF Arts Council of Greater Grand Rapids Minority Scholarship

The amount of the program’s stipend varies. Candidates are students of color who attend either a non-profit public or private college/university. They need to major in visual or performing arts or any other field of fine arts. An applicant has to live in Kent County and prove the financial needs. The minimum GPA should be 2.5.

14. GRCF Warner Norcross & Judd Law School Scholarship

The amount of this scholarship is $5,000. The candidates should be students of color who want to obtain a law degree at any law school in the USA which is properly accredited. All the applicants need to be present-day or former Michigan residents.Still, they do not necessarily have to attend high schools in Michigan.

Other Scholarship Options for African Americans

Every college or university also provides scholarship options for African-American or minority young people depending on their majors and abilities.

1. The Jackie Robinson Foundation

The amount of this award is $30,000 per four years. Candidates should be seniors at high schools belonging to underserved minorities who want to enter a US four-year educational institution.

2. George Washington Carver Scholarship

The amount of this scholarship varies. It is meant for African-American and other minority first years of Simpson College.

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3. ACS Scholars Program

The amount of this award is $5,000. The scholarship is given to African-American and minority students who major in chemistry or chemistry-related disciplines. The students must be qualified enough to show their persistently high academic progress and achievements in science and they should intend to continue their career related to chemistry.

4. AMS Minority Scholarships

The amount of the scholarship is $6,000. It is distributed between the first and second years of studies ($3,000 each). The award is provided to underrepresented minority students by the American Meteorological Society. The funds are raised by the AMS Giving Program.

5. EMPOWER Scholarship Award

The amount of the award varies, and it is meant for medical rehabilitation students. The costs are funded via the David M. Hersey Endowment Fund and distributed by the Courage Center. The applicants should complete more than 200 hours of volunteer work related to their future careers.

6. American Bus Association (ABA) Diversity Scholarship

The amount of this award is $5,000. It is created for the underrepresented groups (African Americans are among them) that want to get prepared for a career in the tourism industry, travel and transportation operations, and their management.

7. African American Network of the Carolinas Scholarship Fund

The available amount here is $2,000. The Duke Energy Group for employee resources offers scholarships to students who intend to enroll in North and South Carolina colleges. They should major in business administration, finance and accounting, computer science, engineering, science, and maths.

8. Brown and Caldwell Minority Scholarship Program

The amount of this scholarship is $5,000. The program offers support to African-American students and representatives of other minorities who major in environmental engineering.


The main purpose of any scholarship is to provide additional funding to students for receiving their postsecondary education. African Americans are a vulnerable group of students who often need a desirable alternative to loans for education payments. They may also use the costs for such education-related purposes as books, course materials, and tuition.

Some costs can also be used for room-and-board, catering, and other everyday needs. That is why many non-profit organizations, colleges and universities, funds, and even big employers offer scholarships to African-American and other minority students to support their educational needs, essay writers and author also can search for new opportunities and financial aid in education.

Apart from the options presented in this article, you may find many more scholarships from prominent organizations in your area.

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