Top 5 Dirtiest State In Nigeria


An international Non Governmental Organisation that’s known as “Clean Up Nigeria”, has declared these 5 states as the dirtiest states in the country.

They did a report where they graded the Nigerian states according to cleanliness, this was after they had conducted a research for a whole year.

In a conference that was held in Abuja, the international NGO released their 768 page study which they titled ” Clean-Up Nigeria National Technical Working Committee Report on the state of the nation’s cleanliness performance ratings for states of the federation, state capitals/cities in Nigeria”.

They conducted this study from October 2017, to October 2018. According to Prince

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Ene Baba Owoh Jr, the National Coordinator of CUN, he raised an alarm about the unhygienic situation of most states in the country. He said “As confirmed by our study, it’s only three states and state capitals that scored above 50% in their levels of cleanliness. The performance indicators and results have shown that over 175 million Nigerians are living in unclean environments’.

According to the study by the report, these are the top 5 dirtiest states in the country.


(5) KEBBI:

Kebbi scored 14.2 in their level of cleanliness.



Zamfara follows Kebbi with thesame 14.2 score out of 100.

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The home of solid materials, which is coincidentally very close to one of the cleanest states (Abuja), scores 14.2 out of 100.


(2) OSUN:

Osun State scored thesame score with Kogi State.


(1) KOGI:


The confluence state scored the lowest with 11 out of 100.


I wonder why they forgot to add Lagos to the list and Abia. The three cleanest states in the country that scored above 50% are Akwa Ibom, Cross River and Abuja

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