Toms River Parent Portal

Are you eager to find out more information about the Toms River Parent Portal? Through a secure online gateway, we offer parent convenient, round-the-clock access to their ward’s data.

Toms River Parent Portal


Toms River Parent Portal

A Parent Portal has been developed by Toms River Schools to enable more intimate engagement with parents. The portal provides access to various information as well as live parent discussion boards and calendars of school events.

In order to help parents maintain contact with the school community, the Toms River School District has created a new Parent Portal website.


Parent portal for Seneca Valley School District is similar. The portal features calendars of forthcoming events for each school as well as live conversation threads amongst other parents who are facing comparable difficulties at their children’s schools.

Step-by-Step Toms River Parent Portal Login

The article outlines the processes for logging into the Toms River Schools parent portal. Parents can view information about their children’s grades, attendance, and disciplinary history through the Parent Portal.

Before entering the portal, parents need have their student’s social security number or student ID number.

Next, navigate to and select the Parent Portal option under Who We Are at the top of the page.


Parents and guardians of students who attend Toms River Schools may access a Parent Portal through Toms River Schools.

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Parents and guardians can monitor their child’s schedule, grades, lunch account balance, and even access file attachments like report cards, school supply lists, and more, all easily through the Parent Portal. You’ll need your student’s district password to use the portal.

Students at Toms River Regional School 

In the schools that are part of the Toms River Regional School District, there are 66.4% White students, 5.1% Black students, 3.6% Asian or Asian/Pacific Islander students, 20.9% Hispanic/Latino students, 0% American Indian or Alaska Native students, and 0.1% Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Island students.

3.9% of students identify as belonging to two or more races, while 0% have not indicated their race or ethnicity.

51% of students are male and 49% are female. In the Toms River Regional School District, 1.9% of students are English language learners, while 20.3% of students qualify for the federal free and reduced-price food program.

Test Scores at Toms River Regional School 

48% of elementary children in the Toms River Regional School District tested at or above the competent level in reading, and 43% did the same in math.

33% of middle school pupils and 58% of those in those grades tested at or above the proficient level in math. 24% of high school students scored at or above the proficient level in arithmetic, while 54% of students scored at or above the proficient level in reading.

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Finances at Toms River Regional School 

Each year, the Toms River Regional School District spends $17,759 on each student. It brings in $282,958,000 a year. Overall, the district spends $424.7 million on miscellaneous expenses, $10,161.5 million on education, and $6,192.3 million on support services.

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