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Tips to help you realize if your loved ones are having a hard time.

When a friend or loved one is going through a difficult time, it’s only natural to want to help, but we often don’t know where to begin.

There are several symptoms that your friend or loved one is coping with more significant concerns than just the day-to-day challenges of life.

Tips to help you realize if your loved ones are having a hard time.

1. We all need to express our emotions at times. How well an emotion fits a situation determines its healthfulness. Small events can trigger extreme emotions in your buddy or partner, signaling a need for support. You should be aware of big and/or rapid changes in their feelings, which they may not communicate.

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2. Excessive drowsiness is characterized by excessive yawning, heavy eyelids, and a strong urge to nap. Tossing and turning all night long or sleeping too much during the daytime might cause this state. Psychiatrists say excessive daytime sleep may be an indication of sadness or anxiety.

3. They may wish to do risky activities like bungee jumping or disregard safety precautions while dealing with fire, gas, or electricity. Risky behavior and poor coping abilities may indicate emotional distress. This mental carousel may cause your friend or lover to emotional fatigue if the “extreme highs” and intensity come after apathy. It may be an indication to intervene.

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4. The weight of your companion is one of the easiest changes to detect. Emotional disorders can cause considerable weight gain or decrease. Though not usually, weight-related changes in their appearance. Observe if your partner no longer values hygiene or appearance.

What is something your loved one does that indicates you they aren’t feeling well? Identify them today so you’ll know how to help them out.

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