Tips Before an Examination

The examination period is the ultimate sum up of everything that has to do with school. The activity determines how far a student has gone through the academic term. Hence, every student needs to learn these tips before an examination. 

Tips Before an Examination


You have a better chance of success when taking the proper steps before going into an examination hall. Below are some highly efficient steps that guarantee you better results than what you may have seen earlier:

Study Earlier

For most colleges, notifications for an examination come at least two weeks before the exam commences. Everyone knows that exams come in as soon as the end of the term is drawing near. Therefore, a true student should be able to begin preparations much earlier than the date.

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You tend to cover more than when you study with the exams at bay when you study earlier. Learning when there’s no pressure helps you assimilate quickly and yields better results.

Revise Later

With the exam drawing near, what you should do is revise. Before an examination, go through all you have studied and refresh your mind with them. Skim through your notes, jots, and every other relevant material.

However, don’t confuse this with studying. A revision is one of the tips before an examination, just at the time of the event.

Take a Break

A few hours before the examination, end the reading, studying, or whatever. Close your notes and take a break from them.

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You can do this during the period of your break. Sit calmly and meditate on all you have studied, read, and revised. Ensure you can say something about each topic when you think of it.

Eat and Drink

If you didn’t know earlier, eating well before the exam helps calm your body and position it correctly. However, don’t eat heavy foods that can make you sleep or meals that will irritate your stomach.


Catch enough sleep to avoid drowsiness and dizziness in sitting in the examination hall for long hours.


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