Things you should and should not say to your boss

When we are having a difficult day at work or are stressed, we may inadvertently say something inappropriate to our supervisor. However, there are several terms that you should never speak.


Because they may jeopardize your chances of promotion or perhaps cause your contract to be terminated.

Things you should and should not say to your boss in various situations.

1. We all have bad days at work and want to vent, but doing so is unprofessional. If your colleague hasn’t violated any corporate policies or made a major professional blunder, keep your displeasure to yourself. Your manager will be displeased to learn that you cannot work with this person. To accomplish exceptional outcomes, you must cope with personal feelings. If you can’t, you won’t be trusted with a major project in the future.


2. If you’re given a challenging duty that you’ve never done before, think before you say no. It’s unlikely that your manager will assign you a task you can’t complete within your duties. “I don’t know how” indicates a lack of motivation to learn and try new things.

3. Your supervisor can give you a duty unrelated to your main job. Even if something happens, don’t pretend that you’re not responsible. It’s possible that your manager thinks you’re not a team player or not committed to the company’s success. You won’t obtain similar duties in the future, and it can hurt your chances of promotion. The key is to learn how to say no politely, not only to comply with your boss’s odd requirements.

A promotion at work is nothing to be ashamed of. Your actions or inactions in the workplace could jeopardize your career advancement.


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