Things to know about THE VAGINA

Things to know about THE VAGINA


• Vaginal discharge is normal.

• It is not necessary to wear panties 24 hours a day.

• Vaginas are quite acidic, even like chlorine, hence the discoloration of the underwear.

• Longer inner lips (of clictoris) are more normal than smaller ones (but both are fine).

• A man’s semen can change the ph and odor of your vagina.

• It is not normal or safe for your vaginas to smell like flowers, so stop waiting for this to happen, Do not use SOAPS TO WATCH YOUR VAGINA or PERFUME TO SPRAY ON YOUR VAGINA because they are crappy for the vagina.

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• Having sex has nothing to do with the “stiffness” of your vagina

• Fungal infections are common!

• If your vagina stinks or your discharge stinks and has a yellow, green or brown color, please visit your Gynecologist and stop trying to blame your vagina because it stinks. Run medical test and get proper treatment for it

• The VAGINA is an internal cavity, NOT the entire genital area, what you see on the outside is your vulva. Please never use soap in your vagina.

• Always urinate after sex to flush the urinary tract with fluids that may get trapped there and cause urinary tract infections.

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• Wear cotton panties. Regular use of silk, satin and lace can irritate your vulva and change the ph.

• Stop putting talcum powder on your vulva, stop IMMEDIATELY! Talcum powder causes cancer.

• The vagina environment is generally very aggressive for sperm, except when you are ovulating, as the pH becomes alkaline and ensures that sperm live for 3-5 days.

• Stop heating your vagina immediately after childbirth. It should be done few days after

• Do not shave the pubic hairs of your vagina to be completely bald ; Pubic hairs on the vagina forms a natural barrier, protecting our private realm from germs, infections and even dust, for those who choose to wander without panties under their skirts. Or who sit on highway toilet seats.

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