Things to know about emotional blackmail and how to not get hooked.

A person who blackmails you emotionally is usually someone who knows you too well. They know all of your secrets and weak spots, and they’ve honed their skills at exploiting them.


The reason for this is simple: they want you to give in to their demands. Remember that their justification for acting this way is because they care about you and want to spend time with you.

Here are signs of emotional blackmail


1. The first step to emotional blackmail is a demand from a loved one.

Their demand may be modest at first, but if you don’t respond immediately, it becomes hostile. They may claim they are merely advising you out of love. In actuality, they merely want to dominate you.

2. They will use fear, guilt, and obligation as “weapons” to keep you under pressure.

These people know how to manipulate you and will do anything to succeed, even hurting you. They may try to blame you for something they did themselves. They will also not hesitate to threaten you with dire consequences if you do not obey.

3. If nothing else works, they may threaten to hurt you or themselves.

If this is your boss, you may be fired or demoted. They put all the pressure on you, so you’ll be responsible for anything they do. They cause mental uncertainty and make you feel accountable for the circumstance and the outcome.

4. Pathological jealousy is one of the main causes of emotional abuse.

They don’t enjoy it when you interact with others, like when you enter a restaurant and smile at the hostess. They make a huge deal out of it, and you feel bad for pressing their buttons. You feel like a failure who keeps repeating mistakes despite your partner’s pain.


Set boundaries with your relationship. Make it plain that they cannot control your choices or your life.


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