Things To Do If Your Girlfriend Is Ignoring You



Give Her Some Space

You think, “My girlfriend is ignoring me for no reason”, and you believe that your girlfriend might be having second thoughts about your relationship while it might just work pressure. Her frustration shows that something is bothering her and she doesn’t want you to be a part of that right now. Give her some space and let her figure out her thoughts. It will give her time to clear her mind. If she doesn’t want you to be around her, don’t be. Your presence might have a negative impact on her mind and will make her pull away even more. Once she has figured things out, she will come back to you to talk and open up about it.

To ensure that you don’t spend your time obsessing over why she needs space, you must keep yourself productively engaged. Use this time to pursue your hobbies and passions. For instance, if you like fishing, this would be a great time to get yourself new fishing gear and try it out.

Likewise, if you enjoy being in nature, order yourself a camping rig and spend some time in the woods. Cycling, music, reading, gardening, adventure sports…do whatever gives you a sense of fulfillment.


Don’t Do The Same

Some dating theories said that if you want to grab a girl’s attention, you do it by ignoring her and making her jealous by hanging out with other girls. That’s The “Elastic Band Theory” talking. But remember, this is no random girl you want to impress, she’s your girlfriend. If you start ignoring her because she is ignoring you, it will just drive her even farther from you. She is already looking for reasons to ignore you and you are giving her just more reasons to do so.

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•  Thinking Too Much

You both go to a party and you see her talking to everyone but you. You say to yourself, “Why is my girlfriend ignoring me at parties? Is she embarrassed by me?” Sometimes we think too much about things that might not be that big a deal. Your girlfriend might just be reconnecting with everyone more because she doesn’t get a chance to meet them that often. Ask yourself, are you expecting too much out of her? Are you missing her more than usual and that is why you want her to spend more time with you? She might have always been the same but either you are noticing it now or wanting more than the usual.


Be Kind To Her

Your girlfriend might be going through a rush of emotions and confused thoughts at the same time. She might be going through some personal struggle she is not comfortable talking about yet. At this point in time, she doesn’t need more confrontations and fights. She needs someone who will take care of her and be there for her as a friend first. Make her, her favourite meal, do things that make her happy. Do not come out as too clingy and needy. Maintain your boundaries while doing things for her. It will help her reconnect with you.


Be Available

She needs to know that you understand that she is going through something. Tell her that you’ll give her all the time and space she needs and you’ll be there for her when she is ready. It will help bring back her confidence in you and she will open up to you sooner. She needs to know that you are there for her no matter what.

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If you are in a long-distance relationship, then you might blame your long-distance relationship for making you both so distant. In such a scenario, go over to her and talk to her. Find out what’s wrong and be there for her both physically and emotionally.

Give her assurance.


Know Her Condition

Check whether her behaviour is showing any signs of depression. Is she suffering from insomnia? Check whether she is always tired, irritable, anxious, having mood swings etc. According to the National Sleep Foundation, people with insomnia are 10 times more likely to have depression than those without the condition. If she is showing signs of depression, you need to take steps to get her out of it.


Get Her Talking

“My girlfriend is ignoring me for a week”, “My girlfriend is ignoring me after a fight”.

It’s been a week after the fight and there hasn’t been even one text or call. Text her something that she is bound to reply to no matter what. Ask her something related to your work that she can solve or ask her something about your medicines or anything routine that she usually does. It shouldn’t be anything related to your fight or relationship. Just a normal conversation will get things going and you can talk to her about the fight once you know she is normal.



Do Not Neglect Yourself

In the midst of all that is happening, don’t forget yourself. Your girlfriend ignoring you is affecting you mentally too and you don’t feel happy anymore. You need to save your relationship, but before that, you need to save yourself first. Think about yourself too and your needs. Not taking care of yourself will make you a mess and you’ll just become more clingy and desperate, not the person she fell in love with anymore.

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Use this time to invest in your physical and emotional well-being. You could start by eating healthy and committing to a new workout regime. If your state of mind is such that stepping out doesn’t appeal to you, you could order some basic fitness equipment like weights, resistance bands and jumping rope to get started.

At the same time, pay attention to your mental health. Listening to a meditation tape for a few minutes a day, or working with a meditation guru one-on-one, can really help calm your mind.


• Focus on your well-being

Sometimes, physical and emotional absence drives the relationship towards its doom. In such cases, it’s important for you to be there for your girlfriend. Give her space so that she can figure out her issues. If your girlfriend is ignoring you, it doesn’t mean that someone else is in the picture. You need to trust her and give her time to open up. Things aren’t always the way they seem and if you follow these steps, you’ll win her heart in no time and know that there’s nothing to worry about.



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