The Wendigo; A Mythical Creature That Lures It Prey With Human Voices.

For so many years, there has been a deep dark rumour that spread across Canada about the Wendigo. Wendigo is believed to be a mythological creature or some call it an evil spirit that originated from the Great lakes region of the United States and the forests that are located in the East Coasts of Canada. The Wendigo is an evil spirit which has some similarities to humans. Wendigos can manipulate humans with insatiable greed, the urge to commit murder and a strong desire to cannibalize fellow humans.

People have made different descriptions of Wendigos but the most notable description is the description in which it was described as a smelly, giant humanoid with a heart of ice. Some Europeans believe that Wendigos are from the family of werewolves.

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It is believed that when a human has an insatiable desire for human flesh, it is called a “Wendigo syndrome”. Societies with insatiable greed and massive destruction of their environment, are also known to be suffering from the Wendigo syndrome.

There’s a strange belief that it was the actions of humans that created the Wendigos. When humans began to have an insatiable urge for human flesh and cannibalism to survive, thats how Wendigos came into existence.

The Wendigo is also referred to as the “spirit of the winter”. Anybody that comes in contact with a Wendigo faces the risk of being eaten alive or being turned into a Wendigo. Wendigos are believed to be able to imitate human voices, using this trick to lure their victims deep into the forest before devouring them.

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It is believed that wherever a Wendigo is seen, it serves as a warning against greed to the people of that community.

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