The Prophet That Behave Like Daniel In The Bible


Prophet, Daniel Abodunrin’s name was going to be remembered in the books of history, but not for the reasons that he would have loved, but the exact opposite reasons. It all happened in Ibadan, which is the largest city in Africa, when the Prophet believed that he could walk into a den of lions without getting hurt, just like Daniel in the Bible.


The weirdest part of this story, is that he did it in public, so people actually watched him as the the lions ate him. They had him for a meal, and he didn’t survive it.



This event happened in a zoo, and the story has been told over time, year in, year out.

It was in the spirit of Easter that this scary incident took place. It’s not new to hear pastors trying to do what Jesus did, some by trying to resurrect, others by trying so many other things. Visitors trooped in to have fun, some of them came with their families, not know that a certain Prophet, Daniel Abodunrin already had his own plans to spoil the celebration for them. The University of Ibadan Zoo will never forget the name “Prophet, Daniel Abodunrin” in a hurry.

The zoo was full of life and filled with so many people, going about different activities. We all know that the lion is the animal that people love to see the most in a zoo, because lions are fierce and did I forget to mention that they are carnivorous?.

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Lions are so dangerous to the extent that sometimes when they get into their bad mood, they can even eat the people that are taking care of them in the zoo. Cases like this have transpired so many times in different zoos all over the world. So, I don’t know why this man decided to test the patience of the lions.

The intention of Prophet, Daniel Abodunrin was to repeat a biblical event of Daniel, who was thrown into a lion’s den to die, but God made the lions not to be able to hurt him, and he came out of the cage hale and healthy.

According to the story of Daniel in the Bible, God sent down his angels to close the mouth of the lions, so they wouldn’t hurt him.

I don’t know why Prophet, Daniel Abodunrin believed that the lions wouldn’t hurt him, maybe is because his name was also Daniel. Well, he approached some of the staffs in the zoo and begged them to gain access into the cage. Thinking that it wasn’t the right thing to do, the staffs of the zoo, turned down his plea. But he kept insisting that they should let him in, after so much begging, they decided to let him into the cage of the lions. This was his moment, not his moment to bask in glory, but his moment to be put to shame forever.

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There’s another account of this even which says that; Prophet, Daniel Abodunrin sneaked into the cage without the notice of the staffs. Well, whether he sneaked in or was allowed into the cage, what matters is that he went into the cage.

People at the zoo were all in disbelief, as they saw the prophet, who was on a red robe, and a Bible beneath his armpit. The prophet walked in confidently, as if he already had an assurance from “God knows where”.

The prophet start reciting some verses of the Bible and started speaking in some unknown tongues, some accounts of the event, say that the prophet was shouting “Jah, Jah, Jah, Jah”, which is the shortened form of Jehovah.

The lions initially withdrew themselves to a corner of the cage. At this moment, the prophet must have felt that whatever he was doing was working. He didn’t realise that retreating is the first form of attack for lions. They were planning how to have their delicious meal. The prophet moved closer to the lions, as he kept on reciting whatever he thought was working, but he didn’t know that his time was running out. Suddenly, the lions pounced on him, as they started biting through him. Of course, he was no match for the lions, they were bigger, fiercer and much stronger than their prey, he was no match for them in any way.

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The crowd watched in shock as the prophet was devoured helplessly. Well, you don’t expect anybody to go in and attempt to rescue the prophet, the person would also get devoured.

The people in the zoo took to their heels, there was a stampede at the zoo. Even though the lions were locked inside a cage, the people were still very afraid, and ran helter skelter. The prophet’s Bible, which he flung away as the attack started, was covered in dust and his Robe was torn to pieces. This particular incident was never forgotten, and are been told from generation to generation.




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