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The Most Expensive High School In The World

Institut Le Rosey which is also know as Le Rosey, is a boarding school that is located in Switzerland. This school was founded back in the year 1880 by Paul-Émile Carnal. This school is currently the most expensive school in the world and it always ranks among the most expensive schools in the world. It is also one of the oldest schools in Switzerland.

Le Rosey is not totally situated in one location. Le Rosey owns a winter campus at the Ski Resort village of Gstaad, Canton of Been, where the staffs, faculty and students move to for a three month period between the months of January to March. The name of the headmaster of this school is Kim Kovacevic.

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The school had plans to sell their winter campus and move to a better location that can accomodate more students and staffs.

The school has faced controversies in recent times, after they were sued by indian billionaire Pankaj Oswal, who his daughter suffered bullying from her classmates for many years, while she was still student of the school.

Many people have accused the school of dropping in standards in recent years and now becoming a playground for the kids of billionaires to do whatever they like. Pankaj Oswal has accused the school of failing to protect their daughter from being mocked because of her culture and beliefs. For this reason, he sued the school.

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This school has also been criticised by a world renown expert in the field of violence and bullying , Dr Eric Debarbieux, who said that the school neglects the welfare of children that are being bullied in the school.

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