The Most Celebrities With The Highest Number Of Divorce


If we take a look at the love life of some celebrities, it is easy to note that only a small percentage of celebrity marriages actually survive to the end. This is the list of the top 10 most divorced celebrities in the world.


We live in an era where divorce is becoming as common as bread and butter. Some countries experience high rates of divorces, especially developed countries, because of; financial difficulties, temptations, unfaithfulness, boredom and so on.

10. MARTIN SCORSESE: Divorced 4 times.


Martin Scorsese is an American actor, director, producer and screenwriter. He has been married five times with only four divorces to his name. He is currently married to Helen Schermehorn Morris. He has three children from three different marriages, the first, the second and the fifth marriage.

9. BILLY BOB THORNTON: Divorced: 5 times

He is an American actor, singer, songwriter, producer, director and writer. He has appeared in numerous films like; The Man Wasn’t There, Alama, Armageddon, Monster’s Ball and many Tv series.


Thornton has been married six times. The first five marriages were not successful. His first wife was Melissa Lee Gatlin while his fifth wife was Angelina Jolie. Thornton and Angelina divorced in the year 2003. In year 2015, at the age of 59, Thornton got married to special effects artist, Connie Angland, who is 51 years old. He has four children.


8. DANIELLE STEEL: Divorced 5 times


She is one of the world’s wealthiest writers/authors. She has written many international bestsellers like Rushing Water, The Mistress, Dangerous Games and The Award.

Over 800 million copies of her novels has been sold worldwide, her works have been translated in more than 40 languages. As of 2017, her networth was estimated at more than $375 million. She has been married 5 times and she has seven children.


7. RICHARD PRYOR: Divorced: 5 times

He was an African American actor, comedian, writer and director during his lifetime. He was regarded as a controversial figure due to the sensitive issues that he addressed. Issues like rac!sm and animal rights, especially through acting and stand up comedy.

Pryor got married seven times with five divorces, and two remarriages. His recent marriage which was the seventh, was to Jenifer Lee, before he died in the month of December 2005, at the age of 65, as a result of a prolonged illness known as multiple sclerosis. Pryor and Jenifer Lee got married in the year 1981, they got divorced one year later and remarried in the year 2001. He left behind six children.


6. LARRY KING: Divorced: 6 times.

The undisputed king of interviews that is not afraid to ask sensitive questions, is also on the list of celebrities with the highest number of marriages and subsequent divorce.

Larry has been married eight times with six divorces and one annulled marriage. He is currently living with his eight wife Shawn Southwick, they got married in the year 1997. They got married at the UCLA Medical Center, Kings got admitted for chest pains, this was how he met her because she was working there. Kings has 5 children.

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5. ELIZABETH TAYLOR: Divorced: 7 times.

She is a British American actress that’s mostly known for her violet eyes. She started her acting career in the year 1942.

She has been married 8 times with seven divorces, and one remarriage. Her third husband, Michael Todd, died in a plane crash. Her last husband was Larry Fortensky, they filed for divorce in the year 1996. Taylor died in the year 2002 as a result of congestive heart failure at the the age of 79. She left behind four kids.


4. LANA TURNER: Divorced: 7 times.

Turner started her acting career at the age of 16. She played different roles in movies like ; Love Finds Andy Hard, Somewhere I’ll Find You, The Three Musketeers, The Bad and the Beautiful, Madame X and Johny Eager. Additionally, she appeared in some television series.

She retired from acting the year 1982. She wrote her autobiography, The Lady, The Legend, The Truth, which was published in the year 1983. She died in year 1995 at the age of 75. She left behind a daughter.


3. JENNIFER O’NEILL: Divorced: 7 times.

She is an American actress, model, motivational speaker, horse trainer and author.

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O’Neill has gotten married nine times, with seven divorces and one annulled marriage. Currently, she lives with Mervin Sidney (her ninth husband). They got married in the year 1996. She first got married to Dead Rossiter at the age of 17. She has three children and four grand children.

Just like the case of O’Neill, Gabor has been married to eight different men with seven divorces. Gabor wrote three books including her autobiography “My Story”, which she published in the year 1960.


2. ZSA ZSA GABOR: Divorce: 7 times.

She was born in the year 1917 in Budapest, Hungary. She died in December 18, 2016 at the age of 99 in Los Angeles, California. The cause of her death was cardiac arrest.

Before her death, she was living with her husband Frederick Pinz Von Anhart, her ninth husband. Her daughter, Francesca Hilton died in the year 2015, at the age of 67, due to a massive stroke.


1. BONNIE LEE BARKLEY: Divorce 7 times

She is undeniably the celebrity with the highest number of marriages. She was married ten times with seven divorces and three annulled Marriages. Barkley was married to Robert Blake in the hear 2000 before she was murdered the following year. In May 2001, she was shot in the head the shoulder while she was in her husband’s car. She left behind four kids.


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