The First Girls Secondary School In Nigeria


St Anne’s School which is located in Ibadan, is a combination of two schools that were founded by CMS mission for the education of the girl child. These schools were founded in a time when most Nigerian parents didn’t see the need to educate a girl child.

CMS Girls Seminary Lagos, was founded in the year 1869, it’s purpose was to provide secondary school education in the country. For the first time in Nigeria, the girl child actually had a school that was built specially for them. The prospectus of the school clearly stated that their objective was to nurture “good wives, good mothers and leading lights of the society”.

In the year 1950, when their initial site that was located in Lagos became too small, CMS mission transfered the school to Ibadan and merged or with Kudeti Girls School, which was founded in the year 1899. Kudeti Girls was another school founded by CMS mission, it was located in Molete, Ibadan. It was after the combination of these two schools that they changed their names to St. Anne’s School.

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From the inception of the school in the year 1869 and 1899, it has produced the leading lights of our Nigerian society, from North, East, West, and South. The Alumni anniversary publication which is titled “TRAILBLAZERS”, shows that the school has produced female Scientists, Professionals, Bureaucrats, Teachers, Jurists, Artists, Entrepreneurs and Academicians. All of them are distinguished and noted for their integrity and love for our country Nigeria. These are some of the notable Alumni of this school.

Lady Oyinkansola Abayomi (Nee Ajasa)

She was a passionate activist for the well-being of women during her time. She was active in the Girls Guides movement, where she later became the President and also found the Nigerian Women’s Party. She played an active role in the education of Nigerian women and girls. She also advocated and raised funds for the founding of Queen’s College, Lagos. She was knighted by the Queen of England in the year 1954.

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Professor (Mrs) Bolanle Awe (Nee Fajembola)

This great woman was born on the 28th of January, 1933. Professor Awe is a woman with multiple career paths. She is a historian, an educator, a teacher, an administrator and a social advocate for women.


Lady Kofoworola Ademola (Nee Moore)

She lived from the 21st of May 1913, to the 15th of may 2002. Lady Kofoworola Ademola MBE, MFR, was the first African female to attend Oxford University.


Mrs. Anike Agbaje-Williams

Mrs. Anike Agbaje-Williams was born on the 23rd of October, 1936. She is the first female Tv broadcaster in Nigeria.


Mrs Kehinde Kamson (Nee Adelaja)

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Mrs Kehinde Kamson (Nee Adelaja) is one of the pioneers in the fast food sector of Nigeria. She is also an outstanding business leader in Nigeria. She is best known as the founder and CEO of Sweet Sensation Confectionery Limited.

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