The Feeling to Be Dependent.


Some people spend most of their life depending on other people.


They depend on people for money, wellbeing, food, and other needs.


Without sorting out a way they can make it out themselves.

Being dependable on 

people make a lot of them trample on you because you don’t have a say.

Being dependable on people makes some who have helped you, mistreat you now or later.


Being dependable on people makes some despise you.

Even the Bible says we shouldn’t depend on men.

Stand independently. 


Try to make things out yourself.

Try new methods of getting things done.

Those you are depending on are not better than you.

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They don’t have four heads.

They are human like you.

They also strategized ways to succeed and that’s why you are getting whatever they are helping you with.

Be independent and you will be respected.


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