The Concept Of Trampoline Bridge Across River Seine, Paris.


It’s very possible for us to cross the river Seine on a regular stone bridge but I guess that the engineers have a more interesting idea.


A design firm that is known as Atelier Zündel, decided to do something out of the ordinary and this has got the world talking. The concept of this bridge is to use large trampolines instead of your regular stone bridge.

The design firm has said that this will be a joyful release of gravity for the people that are crossing the bridge.


Imagine giant sized trampolines, used as a bridge instead of the regular types of Bridges that you know.

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This trampoline bridge will have a ladder, with which people will climb up to it, but it will also have a slide option for those that are in a bit of a hurry.

This design took the third position in an Archtriumph competition for ideas for new crossings on the river Seine. There are already 37 bridges in Seine.


While this may seem like so much fun, it’s however not such a good idea, for safety reasons.

A group has noted that they highly doubt if this inflatable bridge idea would make it past the European Union health and safety laws. This is because, there will be lots of collisions among the pedestrians using the bridge and some of the users might also get wet. Imagine a pedestrian that’s in a hurry to work, getting wet while crossing the bridge and has to go to work wet or be delayed.

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Some group of people have come out to condemn the idea, saying that it’s not such a workable idea. Different people had their different reasons why this particular concept should not be accepted or approved.


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