Teaching Opportunities In Ghana

The teaching profession is a very important one in Ghana. As more and more educational institutions and programmes are being built and introduced, the career opportunities for teachers just keep increasing.



This article will touch on a number of important points and provide answers to some of the famous questions interested people usually have about the teaching profession.



We will talk about the most sort after teaching jobs, highest paid positions, current demand for teachers, etc.




What teaching jobs are most in demand?

When it comes to teaching, there are a variety of subjects, courses and programmes that are taught in schools at the various levels of education.


Let’s look at some of the teaching jobs that are most in demand.


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English Language 

Being one of the most famous and widely spoken international languages, there are always people who wish to learn the English Language as their Second language.


Another reason the English Language is so popular is because it is relatively easy to learn compared to the other international trade languages.


Due to this, there is a constant demand for English Language tutors.



From basic schools to tertiary institutions, Mathematics is always a headache for the greatest part of the student population.


Also, Mathematics is essential to almost every part of our everyday lives. This accounts for the endless demand for Mathematics teachers.



Science is basically the field that controls the world these days, nearly everything is in existence thanks to science.

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With its ever growing industry, there are more and more students flocking in each year to pursue its related programmes, and thus, keeping the employment opportunities at a constant rise for Science teachers in every field.


What is the highest paid teaching job?

According to research, it has been revealed that Assistant/Deputy Head Teachers are the highest paid in the profession of teaching.


The are believed to earn more than all other teachers beneath their rank and even their Head teachers.


What is the current demand for teachers?

The demand for teachers is ever-increasing, and not just in Ghana but every other part of the world. With modernization virtually widespread now, the demand for formal education is constantly growing.

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The teaching profession is one that will never fade out or get totally substituted by any future technological advancements.


What is the easiest subject to teach?

Physical Education is recognized as the easiest subject to teach among all the other teaching fields. Although it is the one that involves a lot more physical work, it is also one that is not theoretical and not graded in any external examinations in Ghana.


This makes it more of a mandatory self development course rather than schoolwork, thus, making it relatively easier to teach.



In short, the teaching profession is one that is bound to last for centuries. The employment opportunities are always on the rise and the pay is also quiet promising.


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